Flipped Classroom: Total Classroom Makeover

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Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

- Help teachers become completely transparent and accountable for what they teach and how they teach it;
- Improve teacher quality by emphasizing the importance of efficiency, reflective practice and relationships;
- Help teachers create classroom environments that are highly collaborative and differentiated;
- Generate ready‐to‐use materials, practical ideas and innovative tools to implement and evaluate Flipped Classroom model within your educational institution;
- Apply Flipped Classroom as student-centered learning structure, learn to differentiate Flipped Classroom activities according to students learning styles, interests and diverse socio-cultural backgrounds;
- Demonstrate awareness of numerous examples of how other teachers are using flipped instruction in their classrooms;
- Identify key considerations that must be addressed in flipped teaching and learning.
- Select from an array of techniques and tools to help ensure that students engage with digital learning content;
- Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of tools to create interactive flipped learning content (your own content and/or expert content from other sources);
- Demonstrate awareness of a variety of tools and techniques for creating engaging screencasts;
- Understand key considerations in flipped content delivery;
- Demonstrate awareness of a variety of approaches to enhancing active learning in the classroom;
- Draft a plan to evolve how you are using class time to review, reinforce, and further personalize learning;
- Draft a flipped classroom lesson plan;
- Demonstrate awareness of various strategies for overcoming objections to flipped instruction;
- Implement flipped teaching and learning in your classroom, with your own personalized plan;
-Develop learner’s key competences such as creativity, critical thinking, media and digital literacy, promote use of ICT and active teaching methods to enhance quality of mainstream education at all levels;
- Understand importance of open educational resources (OER) and open learning environments in education in order to promote universal access to education;
- Revise and develop personal and professional competences, build confidence in promoting collaborative and innovative pedagogy models such as Flipped Classroom;
- Gain broader understanding of current practices and systems of education in different countries, cultivate mutual respect, embed common professional training values;
- Enrich communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden and unify professional vocabulary for effective dissemination of good practice;
- Understand the components of a Flipped Classroom and how to successfully implement it in class;
- Guide students on an individual and group basis in class;
- Understand how to assess a flipped classroom project;
- Create a Flipped Classroom lesson plan;
-Brainstorm ways in which the Flipped Classroom can be implemented cross-curricular or school wide.
Follow-up: A mailing list of participants will be created after the course and they will be encouraged to remain in contact with the trainers and with their fellow participants, as long as to establish future partnerships and projects, related to Erasmus+. Self-evaluation materials will be provided. At the end of the course the participants will accomplish a questionnaire in order to get a detailed feedback for
the effectiveness of the training event. They will be asked to present an action agenda on the method of implementing the key learning points into their professional practice. A Facebook group will be formed for discussions and sharing of ideas and good practices after the workshop. The participants will be given the opportunity to transmit the knowledge and experience achieved to their colleagues and by this to assist in the dissemination of the leaning results and outcomes.

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