Blended Learning & Education for Future

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Course fee:
EUR 350,-/5 days grants till 2020
EUR 400,-/5 days grants from 2021
Our course fee is always in accordance with the official Erasmus+ project guidelines.

Course description:
The use of technology in education has become part of our reality and will continue to be so into the future, as it not only provides us with many tools to use in formal education, but also offers our students a wide range of opportunities. This course aims to provide teachers with deeper understanding and the ability to apply blended learning in the current educational environment with a focus on developing students' skills that they will use not only in their school and academic career, but also in their daily life. Besides blended learning methodology, this course introduces various methods of conducting blended learning classes, offers practical tips and techniques, and prepares teachers for creating educational content that targets not just today's challenges but also gives students a solid basis for what is yet to come. In addition, this course introduces basic strategies for encouraging independent learning of students. Last but not least, teachers will have the opportunity to develop their own strategies for handling blended learning and the often changing learning environment that comes with it.

Course Methodology
The course content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules that focus on different elements of blended learning. It is based on practical demonstrations, a hands-on approach, interactive experiential exercises, and active participation within a group consisting of international participants with similar interests and needs.

Module 01 – Blended learning methodology
Module 02 – Strategies to handle challenges in BL
Module 03 – Independent Learning and Student Motivation
Module 04 – Facilitating Student Individual Progress
Module 05 – Tools and Platforms for Managing Blended Classrooms
Module 06 – Tools for Formative Assessment
Module 07 – Social Skills in Online and Offline Environments
Module 08 – Designing Blended Learning Curriculum
Module 09 – Specific Opportunities and Challenges in Online and Offline Teaching
Module 10 – Teaching Skills for the Future
Module 11 – Critical and ethical thinking in the online space
Module 12 – BL Strategy in your schools
Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes
Understand blended learning methodology and its place in today's environment.
Identify opportunities and challenges in blended learning, understand specific strategies for online and offline teaching and learning.
Increase awareness of techniques and strategies that actively prepare students for their future life and lifelong learning, with respect to digital learning options.
Outline strategies and options to promote independent learning and facilitate student personal progress in learning efforts.
Experiment with various tools for blended learning classrooms to create motivating and engaging curriculum.
Understand limitations and threats with respect to the use of online resources and tools.
Generate ready‐to‐use materials and methods to improve educational practices in daily school practice, considering the promotion of blended learning strategies.
Increase a greater understanding of strategies and systems for coping with ambiguity and changes in the learning environment.
Support continuous professional development, increase awareness of the topic of blended learning in a school system in a holistic way, and encourage self-development.
Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, participate in a cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas, and build a network for future international cooperation.
Enhance communication skills, improve foreign language competencies, broaden professional vocabulary, promote the broad linguistic diversity of the EU, embed common educational and training values.
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