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Welcome to Caribbean sea, Guadeloupe, paradise island!

Course for every teacher who wants to feel more energic, learn new activities, loose weight, learn tips for nutrition, develop curriculum or just learn to train with other teachers!

One important aim is also to get more years in work life with help of better condition and sport and healthier food.

Healthy teachers - healthy school! makes possible to to build easy Erasmus+ KA1 project about healthy and sports activities! Plan one or two years project about healthier school for you and your pupils or students!

In five days you will learn new things about nutrition, importance of sports, new ways to move, tips for weight watching, mental coaching. Our aim is to give you a new start to better and more active way of life and give you some tips for your school!

If teacher is active - school and your classroom will also be more energic! We also promise half year support for your personal aims after course! You never walk alone! If your condition is not the best or you need new motivation, this course is just for you!
Welcome to Caribbian Ocean, Guadeloupe, France!

If you want two extra days to your course, fee is 560€/participant.

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Saint-François, Guadeloupe (Caribbean sea), France

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