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Rapid changes in today’s world are emphasizing the importance of soft skills (such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication) in school education. Teachers are, thus, expected to adapt their curricula and embrace new pedagogical practices to effectively promote these capacities among young learners.

This course will help teachers to expand their repertoire of pedagogical skills to meet such novel needs. In particular, it will introduce four fundamental student-centered approaches that are gaining momentum around the world: project-based learning (PBL), technology-enhanced learning (TEL), collaborative learning, and design thinking for creative problem-solving.

As a participant, you will develop practical step-by-step know-hows on each of these pedagogies. You will learn to incorporate them into your real-life contexts through exploring their main features, learning about best practices, discussing pros and cons, and implementing the use of rubrics to assess learning outcomes.

By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the key features of student-centered learning and feel more ready and confident to adopt them in your classes. You will also take away lesson plans and activities that help you to initiate the transformation of pedagogical practices in your classroom and school. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For the participants of this course, being a 21st-century teacher will stop being a word on paper, and eventually turn into reality.

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Course category: Classroom Management

Classroom Management: Do you want your students to be more focused in class? Thanks to the new educational techniques (such as the flipped classroom, project-based learning, remote teaching, collaborative learning, student-centered learning) your students will participate in class with more enthusiasm creating a fruitful and healthier classroom environment. In our Classroom Management courses, you will enhance your ability to include students with special needs and motivate everyone. Furthermore, you will have the chance of learning how to manage a multicultural classroom and prevent possible conflicts.

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The course I ahave attended was well organised and the structure of the course as well as the syllabus was well linked bith to the aims of the school and my presonal interests. At the end of the course i became familiar with the key features of studentcentered learning and feel more ready and confident to adopt them in my classes. I have also become confident in esson plans and activities dessign to initiate the transformation of pedagogical practices in my classroom and school.

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All the teachers and the atmosphere was very friendly in our group. We were working in groups during workshops and various activities, were putting in practice both new apps and platforms, helping each other to achieve the aim of the task. In particular I am grateful to the wonderful teacher Pui for the fascinating layout of the course. The teacher always started our course by Finnish culture and traditions, then moved on to complex topics. So, not a single course day was boring. As for me, I was the oldest person in the group, I slightly felt the generation gap with the youngest ones but they all were understanding towards me. Thanks again to our teacher Pui.

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It was a useful, inspiring, motivating and enriching course about effective and active pedagogies for the 21st century learning where we exchange knowledge and culture with other participants from Portugal, Poland, Lithuania and Spain. It was super well prepared and the contents well transmitted, in a practical way in most cases. i'd love to have had the opportunity to visit a FINNISH SCHOOL and see the education by first hand, involving ourselves in their activities.

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We were taught how to use different apps, collaborative activities, design thinking and other 21st century skills.Also we were introduced to Finnish educational system and had cultural activities.The course provider was very professional and helpful.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
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