SPECIAL NEEDS AND INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: A practical course on recognising and building students’ individual strengths and setting motivating goals through creative projects. Experience authentic Iceland with Icelandic course providers in Reykjavík.

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• Holistic approach which strengthens learning opportunities for all.
• Tried and tested methodology with creativity at its centre.
• Practical activities and project based initiatives that can be taken straight into the learning environment.
• Extensive bank of engagement ideas.
• Designed in collaboration with students with learning disabilities, their teachers, families and support teams.
• Innovative, fun and solution focused.

In a world that is becoming more digitally connected and fast-paced by the day, where the power of technology enables us to communicate easily on a global platform, more than ever we need to make sure no one is left behind.

This course explores the importance of combining global progress with continuing to invest in our local communities. We will examine how to understand and strengthen relations between teachers, students, families and their communities and how this cohesion and joined up thinking can celebrate and promote individual ability and growth.

How we celebrate different abilities in a school environment can shape the future for our children. Alongside academic progress, we want all our young people to have the opportunity to develop in empathy and compassion for themselves and others, grow in confidence in who they are and what they can achieve, and encourage them to have solid sense of their place and value in the world.

We need to embed these values into what we already have to hand by understanding the power of the collective forces of self, student, family, support and community.


• The Four Wall Concept involving self/student/family/community and how the connection of these four principles are vital in building a strong foundation to support students and enable them to thrive.
• The Power of Creativity for All - how creativity can enable and support all learners in providing varying, responsive and unique access points to the learning process. This approach can help to manage the flux and change young people often experience in their daily lives with regard to individual diagnosis, mood, concentration and external factors which are often a barrier to thriving.
• Access for all - how small changes can have a powerful impact on the well-being of the whole student body.
• How to include neuro diverse/young people with different needs in conversation about their education.
• The Support Chain – the value of trust and connection with families and support staff.
• How to engage with the community in a positive and productive way.
• Laughter Yoga - how being silly and the science of laughter can impact our well-being as practitioners and how we can use this in the learning environment.

These activities can be used with students aged from 4+.


This course will support you to:
• Identify what you are already doing in the area of inclusion.
• Use tools to further develop inclusive practices and activate them on all levels across your setting.
• Use creativity as a technique to invest in yourself and empower your students.
• Help change perspectives on the value of what it means to succeed in life by celebrating the ability of all and the value that we can all bring to the world.


The course is run by Rachel Bennett, an experienced and innovative creative arts practitioner from England. Rachel has worked positively and proactively with people with learning disabilities and support staff for over twenty five years. Her practice is underpinned with a dedication to inclusion, a celebration of ability and a holistic approach. For the past 14 years she has worked as a leading arts practitioner on the Suffolk Artlink team. Suffolk Artlink is participatory arts charity which develops and delivers inclusive arts programmes to support peoples’ health and wellbeing in hospitals, hospices, residential homes, schools and community venues. These creative projects help people transform their lives through the arts by bringing skills, support networks, confidence and joy to communities in the East of England.


This course offers learning opportunities for teachers and school staff across the education sector including: Preschool; Primary; Secondary; Adult education; Special Needs; Teaching assistants; School management; Vocational education; Higher education; and Student teachers.


As part of the course and with your Icelandic hosts, you will have the opportunity to visit Icelandic schools at each educational stage. You will witness, first-hand, how Iceland, with only 330,000 inhabitants, produces so many well-known athletes and artists. You will see how outdoors, sport and practical subjects, such as home economics, woodwork and art, are given the same priority as academic subjects at all stages of education.


We also provide the opportunity to share good practice during the course so we can learn from each other and find partners for future projects: KA1 projects, job shadowing opportunities and/or KA229 projects.


One of our priorities while you spend your valuable time with us in Iceland is your well-being. Every teacher is important to us and we want you to feel valued and comfortable throughout your stay. As well as the extra activities we provide as part of the course fee (see below), we work hard to ensure you have a really good time. We ensure lots of team-building and “get to know you” activities from day one and our courses are dynamic and fun-packed. We are genuine Icelandic hosts so you will get the real Icelandic experience and we are renowned to look after our teachers really well.


• Morning refreshments
• Cultural evening with food, music and dancing
• Visit to the local swimming pool and hot tubs
• Course material
• Certificate of attendance


Join us on our own tailor-made local tour of amazing Iceland with our SMART TEACHERS PLAY MORE TOUR PACKAGE for both participants and their families! A great way to enjoy the wonders of Iceland, network and get to know your new European friends.


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Ha sido un grata experiencia por el aprendizaje y el entorno. Aunque me hubiese gustado observar un aula de niños de especial dificultad en funcionamiento .Entiendo que no se podía por motivos justificados de pandemia, aunque podiamos haber tenido alguna sesión con videollamada o algo parecido.

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The course was about inclusion and special needs. It focused specifically on inclusion through art and support to improve the education in the school. We also work on creativity. In addition, I visited a school of Iceland and I was in your infrastructure. Before, the course offered a talk/conference about the educational system of this country to understand how is education organized and developed. The teacher was charming and communicative. The dynamics were successful but quite general, perhaps they should provide more specialized knowledge.

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La experiencia con el curso y el proveedor del curso ha sido maravillosa. Un curso totalmente recomendable y unos profesionales formidables que disfrutan compartiendo su experiencia como docentes. Las clases son dinámicas y siempre te quedas con ganas de más. Actuar como un alumno hace que aprendas y empatices con tu alumnado.

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Smart Teachers Play More
Smart Teachers Play More
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