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By one popular estimation, 65% of our children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t exist yet. Given the unprecedented and rapidly changing challenges in this era, creativity is an essential skill that empowers young people to adapt and innovate, as well as to approach problems with curiosity, empathy, and openness. Accordingly, the need for teachers to learn how to embed creativity into their classroom practices is getting immense.

This course will boost your confidence in nurturing creative students. Instead of providing you with a list of activities, we aim to help you deliberately understand the characteristics of creative people and the elements in a creative process, so that you can help students to nurture those traits and create a learning environment that allows creativity to flow.

You will learn the Five Core Attitudes and the Seven I’s of Creative People, alongside discovering interesting exercises that help you and your students to practice as individuals, as well as how to embed the new concepts into the curriculum and daily classroom interactions. You will also get to know some assessment tools that will help you to scaffold creativity and give clear guidance to your students on the growth of their creative minds.

This course uses the World Café method to stimulate professional exchange among participants on real-life application of the presented concepts. You will have the opportunity to explore and expand possibilities to embed creativity into your curriculum and daily teaching.

By the end of the course, not only will you gain a better understanding of creativity, but you will also be more confident in taking relevant actions in your teaching that help students to become creative people. There is no mystery in teaching creativity for 21st-century skills, nor should you be afraid. This course will definitely help you expand your capacity to experiment embedding creativity into your curriculum.

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Course category: Creativity and Soft Skills

Creativity and Soft Skills: By fostering critical thinking and communicative abilities, an educator can develop better relationships with students, colleagues, and students’ parents, thus obtaining higher learning outcomes. If you want to expand both your creative thinking and storytelling skills, you should check out our Creativity and Soft Skills courses. They can help you design stimulating activities which aim to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration among your students.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
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