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In this course, participants will understand the idea behind flipped classrooms and how it can be integrated into their own classroom curriculum. The flipped classroom has been defined as a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions.

The "Flipped Classroom" is a new method of teaching which allows students to do homework in class and what is considered traditional class work at home. Often, short lectures, mostly in the form of videos or podcasts, are viewed by students before class starts. Flipped (upside down) classrooms focus on active learning and student engagement giving the instructor a better opportunity to deal with mixed levels, student difficulties, and differentiated learning styles during class time.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to confidently implement a "Flipped Classroom" lesson and will have gained the confidence to effectively prepare a Flipped Classroom lesson plan.

All our courses in Florence include: 2 City Guided Tours of Florence and a 1 day Tuscan Excursion to be chosen among options.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Florence - Firenze, Italy

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Attended 01.04.2019 - 06.04.2019

I have learned the components of a Flipped Classroom educational approach and how to apply it in class.

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Attended 01.04.2019 - 06.04.2019

Really interesting topic, nice educator willing to help. The course needed to be a bit more organized in terms of theoretical infrastructure and resources. Florence is an excellent location and the Europass office staff excellent!

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Attended 04.03.2019 - 09.03.2019

I found this Flipped Classroom course very useful. We learned to use many good tools and got many ideas during the course. I would definitely recommend this course for colleagues. Great place and trainers.

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Attended 05.11.2018 - 10.11.2018

It was a really consructive course. Our trainers were well prepared and organised, always willing to answer to our questions and most encouraging.

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Attended 04.06.2018 - 09.06.2018

I have to say this was the best thing I've done to improve my teaching in fifteen years. The course was completely hands-on and the mentor positive, organized, encouraging and helpful. We were made to immediately subscribe to, install and try out the various programs and learning platforms we were introduced to, so that even the less technologically adventurous participants learned to use them with ease. Being made to present a lesson based on the Flipped Classroom idea, using the new IT tools, really made a difference to my level of confidence. The feedback we were given by the mentor and our peers was helpful and enlightening. The course was carefully structured, the atmosphere in class friendly, and the management/office staff welcoming and efficient. And the guided tours were so interesting - don't skip them!

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Attended 02.10.2017 - 07.10.2017

The course was well-structured and very useful. Great place and lovely staff.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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