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Requirements: Basic computer proficiency

“Students spend far too many hours on Instagram and Tik Tok.”

“Why do students spend so much time on Snapchat?”

“YouTube… interesting educational content is hard to find it…”

Have you ever thought anything similar?

The truth is that, while one can easily complain about the negative impact of social media on today students’ learning capacities, social media also represent their most favourite channel of communication. Accordingly, mastering their language can provide a main advantage to get in contact with the young generations, and can greatly benefit education and teaching.

This course will help school teachers exploit the power of social media to engage and motivate their students, thereby keep the pace with fast change in the digital world. Participants will explore the nuances of contemporary Digital Culture, learning to recognize both its charms and dangers.

The discussion will progressively move away from the negative aspects and dangers of digital technologies (e.g., grooming, cyber bullying, problems in focusing and attention, Stroop effect, addiction) to the positive side and the responsible use of social networks and digital tools.

Emphasis will be placed on the most popular social media and on their potential in educational settings. Participants will discover many practical activities to use social media in their teaching, thereby improving their communication abilities with their students, and making their classes more effective and enjoyable.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to “speak” the same language of the new generations and have a clearer understanding of their digital and social world.

They will feel ready to use the social media for effective teaching, and to guide their students in exploiting the Web for the tremendous possibilities it offers.

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Course category: ICT

ICT: Today’s teachers have to be familiar with new technologies and digital media not only to understand their students’ world but also to update their way of teaching according to the new needs of their students. Thanks to our courses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) you will learn how to manage a classroom online or remotely, by exploring the most relevant ICT tools for teaching. You will be able to use various forms of digital content, such as audio platforms, videos, and social media, to communicate with your students.

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Digital Media: the Classroom of the Future organisé par Europass Teacher Academy. Le cours débute par une introduction au nouveau monde technologique et aux différents programmes de médias sociaux. L'accent a été mis sur les médias sociaux afin d'en tirer un réel potentiel au niveau pédagogique. Durant ce cours j'ai pu observer et apprendre de nouvelles approches en lien avec le digital et les nouveaux enjeux de demain. La finalité de ce cours est de « parler » la même langue que les nouvelles générations d'étudiants et d'avoir une meilleure compréhension de leur monde en renforçant l'engagement et en améliorant la communication entre les étudiants et les enseignants. Les nouvelles générations d'étudiants ont à leur disposition une énorme quantité d'informations et de possibilités, et les enseignants d'aujourd'hui peuvent les aider et les guider dans une exploitation positive du Web. Ce cours donne une nouvelle approche du digital et incite à en faire usage. Le cours est très intéressant et le prestataire est de grande qualité. Je suis très satisfait de cette formation.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
Europass Teacher Academy - Finland
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