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Available in: Drogheda, Dublin, Florence, Tenerife

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History and Archaeology are often subjects that learners either love or loathe, and many struggles to see the relevance of. This course aims to strike a balance between two main goals that will be set for learners of English using the CLIL approach – with special focus paid to History and Archaeology.

The main challenges for teachers applying the CLIL methodology are related to:

-Language (using appropriate lexis);
-Generating interest;
-Bringing dynamism to classes;
-Exploiting available resources (such as ICT and other online resources);
-Engaging learners with the material;
Stimulating creativity.

This course aims to broaden educators’ knowledge of approaches and methodologies, creativity in the classrooms, theories of learning, collaboration in the classroom, building topical research frameworks, online resources, and practical applications of CLIL in the classroom.

Participants will explore ways in which to apply different learning approaches and methodologies to the classroom, for example:

- Inquiry-based learning;
- Project-based learning;
- Student-centred / collaborative learning.

On the course, participants will engage with colleagues on different aspects of teaching methodologies and theories of learning, share experiences, do practical lesson activities, reflect and evaluate them, and will do a project that involves some outdoor fieldwork.

Participants will have an understanding of different theories of learning, learn how to prepare procedures that incorporate a variety of activities both inside the classroom and on fieldwork outings. They will learn how to use and combine available archaeological data sets, build their own, and engage learners in fieldwork techniques.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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