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Global issues like climate change are becoming more and more urgent, and schools have an increasing responsibility towards students’ need for education about those topics.

But how should teachers really engage with those topics in classes? And how can they support their students to take effective action in the issues that matter to them, as well as to face new challenges?

This course adopts a global perspective on the themes of sustainable development, ecological footprints, global justice, and poverty, and how these influence and are influenced by climate change.

By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this course recognizes the contributions of teachers of all subjects and ages to meaningful climate action.

In this course, participants will be engaged in learner-centered activities, such as group discussions, debates, case studies, and role-plays, which are suitable for use in the classroom with learners of different levels.

Each module will explore the root causes of global challenges, and build the knowledge, values, attitudes and skills teachers need to empower their students.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to integrate climate change and global citizenship into their lesson plans, and feel ready to lead whole-school action projects that engage the community and produce meaningful results.

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Course category: School Innovation

School Innovation: Both students’ needs and institutional demands nowadays change so quickly that is not always easy to keep up with the latest requirements. These courses provide school principals, managers, and teachers with new tools to face an ever-changing society. Our training courses about project management, entrepreneurship, team building, and mentoring will help you make the most of new trends in school administration. You also have the chance to get familiar with the most interesting educational systems in Europe, such as the German VET system, the Finnish school system, or the Italian preschool education. Finally, you can also explore innovative methodologies to foster a more creative and inclusive school environment.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

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The course was extremely interesting. I learnt a lot of new things and got useful tips to implement the topics with my students. The course provider made everyone feel comfortable. She was very easygoing. She even added all the course attendants in a mailing list and from time to time she still sends us materials or updates on the topics of the course.

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My experience was incredible, the course was perfectly organized. I would repeat the experience

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En el curso hemos aprendido y hemos entrado en contacto con diferentes formas de crear proyectos con nuestros alumnos que les creen conciencia sobre los problemas medioambientales y el cambio climático. El curso ha sido muy positivo puesto que hemos tenido la oportunidad de debatir no sólo sobre la problemática medioambiental, sino también, crear a grandes rasgos un proyecto para llevar a cabo con nuestros alumnos en un futoro.

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During this course, different perspectives have been exposed to work on environmental citizen education, sustainable development goals, the footprint and different activities to think about the problems and solutions that can be adopted and actions to live more sustainable. It has been a good experience.

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This course adopts a global perspective on the themes of sustainable development, ecological footprints, global justice, and poverty, and how these influence and are influenced by climate change. It has been a good experience and the provider has organized the course very well.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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