Brancusi, the essence of the fly

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The course "Brancusi, the essence of the fly" includes: - Cultural visits : the C-tin Brancusi house from Hobita ; the Museum of Village from Curtisoara; Tours at C-tin Brancusi Assembly (The Infinite Column, The Kiss Gate, The Silence Table); The Museum of Tirgu Jiu ; - Practical art workshops: Artistic expression using various techniques (ex. Plaster molding, graphic, photography) - Reflections and exchanges on good practices in teaching art to adults: creative approaches, active methods to work on heritage … - Reflections on common symbols in different countries from Europe, who spread that type of art, in what way have been adapted to local conditions; - Organizing an art gallery in a museum or outdoor (art works, preparation, promoting the event, sale of exponents etc.); - Using the internet (ITC) to share art works with other adults; get into contact with art lovers; organizing digital art galleries;

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International Center for Education
Targu Jiu, Romania

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International Center for Education
International Center for Education
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