Environmental awareness – THINK BLUE – Save Seas and Waters for Future

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This course has been designed for educators, teachers, school staff and principals in order to develop their consciousness and understanding of the climate change, sustainability and environmental protection.

Being located in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Split, gives us great opportunity to fully dive into the topic of environmental awareness and the importance of saving seas and waters for future. Our course is going to guide you through main topics such as learning about what environment exactly is, learning about pollution and what it means to us. You are going to get a practical approach to the topic as we are going to take you directly to the seaside and you will be able to learn on the beach and waterfront, while walking by the sea, getting to know its importance and strength. We are also going to introduce you to the beating pulse of Dalmatia – its rivers and streams – to raise awareness of the aquatic environments.

Practical strategies and activities for understanding aquatic environments are at the very core of our course as you are going to learn practical ways to deal with difficult environmental problems with your students. As our final target group are students, it is important not only to adapt new strategies in our own daily habits, but to be able to transfer this knowledge to our students as well, influencing their own habits and changing their own perspective for their future. This is why we are going to guide you through the process of presenting aquatic environments to students in a classroom setting.

This course is going to make you look at the sea and waters differently, and to treat them in environmentally friendly way while focusing on environmental studies across the curriculum. One of the best features of the course is that the majority of the course is going to take place outdoors and is going to make you look at all the benefits of outdoor learning with your students as well. And finally, we are going to explore the major question of «what I can do for the environment».

Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split.

Erasmus courses Croatia


Our Social Programme is a perfect way to experience southern part of Croatia, get to know other participants from EU countries and make wonderful memories before going back home. With both summer and winter season guided tours, our Social Programme will make you want to come back to Croatia!

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Erasmus courses Croatia

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