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If it is true that over 10 % of all people show signs of dyslexia, you as language teachers are likely to have some students in your classes who are dyslexic at various levels. These students do not need special education, but they do need teachers who have the right skills and attitudes towards them.

The course is designed for primary or secondary school language teachers working in mainstream education who feel they may not have the right professional skills to accommodate dyslexic students in their lessons or would like to get better results at teaching such students. Teachers who are interested in inclusive education and wish to promote a more understanding attitude towards dyslexia at any level of education are also welcome.

The course is experience-based so, after clarifying some basic concepts, participants will try out and work with teaching ideas that may be helpful for dyslexic students in their groups. These techniques include all the main areas of language teaching, like teaching vocabulary, grammar or the four skills. Participants will also work on their own feelings and possible prejudice towards people with dyslexia, in response to understanding how much a teacher’s attitude might influence success.

Apart from building a positive attitude and a rich toolkit for the classroom, participants will work together to assess current coursebooks from a dyslexic perspective. They will adapt coursebook tasks to make these approachable for their classrooms, present their plans and give feedback to one another so that each participant takes away ready-made classroom ideas developed during the course.

They will also be able to justify their renewed professional practice when talking to parents, colleagues, school management, and the students themselves to develop more inclusive school culture.

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