The Generation Gap: Understanding and Responding to Teenagers’ Needs - Budapest

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Working with teenagers has always been challenging and, today, the generation gap between “adults” and “teenagers” seems to be even bigger. Educators often struggle to understand teenagers’ real needs and to respond to them. In educational environments, teenagers’ attitude towards learning sometimes hinders the progress of learning activities, and teachers might have a hard time reaching consensus with pupils as for learning goals and methods.

This course aims at guiding educators in finding effective ways for better collaboration with teenage students. Participants will reflect on what it means to be a teenager nowadays, and explore a variety of strategies to make them more autonomous, responsible, and motivated learners. Participants will get familiar with ideas on how to engage teens, help them develop their study skills, and manage teen learning groups. They will also analyze age-appropriate activities, and come up with their own ones, adapted to their subjects and their students.

In addition, this course will provide an overview of digital resources and 21st-century media to be used in and outside the classroom, which can facilitate learning and make it more enjoyable.

By the end of this training, participants will feel more confident in tackling students’ needs, effectively directing them towards learning goals, in managing strategies, as well tools, methods, lesson plans, and activities that aim at creating a meaningful learning experience for their teenage pupils.

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