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With the rapid advancement of technology, it is challenging for teachers and educators to ensure that learning design approaches remain current. Teachers are expected to be up-to-date on - and be proficient in - the newest technology in the classroom.

The objective of the training course is to introduce teachers to conceptualizing and performing digital and social media enabled learning and teaching in their classrooms.

This course is, in fact, designed to help teachers and educators understand how to incorporate very popular tech trends - social media, blogging, web-based tools - into the classroom.

Our trainers will help teachers to gain insight and learn some basic ideas to fully grasp all of the uses and benefits social media and web-based technology can have in their classrooms. We will provide participants with the skills to include digital and social media competencies in their daily didactic at school.

The overall objective is to modernize and innovate school staff methodology, in order to make schools more attractive for students.

The training course provides the participants the necessary skills to:

-Explore new ways to teaching through social media and web tools;
-Provide school education staff with practical ideas on how they can incorporate technology into their existing teaching programmes;
-Brainstorming and debate on how ICT competencies in education can bring benefits;
-Develop effective web project ideas;
-Familiarize school education staff with using social media during classroom activities;
-Create a more attractive environment for students;
-Enable school education staff to become confident and competent enough to create a collaborative, interactive classroom experience for their students through the use of the ICT and social media.

The course usually lasts 5 days, 4 hours of training for day and will take place in Rome.
We can also organize 7-day courses according to the requests of participants.

Support will be provided to organize accommodation close to the course venue and within the available budget.

For the detailed training programme please have a look at our website.

Please contact us for tailor-made training programmes and other dates for 2017-2018.

For requests and information email us to info@euphorianet.it

Course organiser
Euphoria Net s.r.l.
Rome, Italy

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