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Soft skills allow us to communicate harmoniously, adapt to new environments, deal with unexpected situations and achieve our goals in the best possible way.
By developping them, we can achieve healthier interactions, better understanding and better outcomes - be it in a classroom or in a working team.

In this course, education workers or managers will learn to improve their own communication and relational skills in order to enrich their teaching and leadership methods, and to pass on soft skills to their students or colleagues.

Day 1
• Introduction to the course
• Getting to know each other. Building group cohesion and trust
• General overview of the course and logistics
• Presentation of EDUPLUS Association and La Punta Bajamar Avanzando Association.
• Games and exercises. Physical awareness and body awakening
• Learning to connect with our playful side
• Improvisation exercises to better cope with changes
• Exchanging good practices
• Reflections: How can I adapt the key learnings in my work?

Day 2
• Presentation of La Tribu Teatro organization
• Physical awareness and body awakening
• Removing fears and getting out of the comfort zone
• Basic tools to exercise and optimize the voice, intonation and body language
• Breathing techniques
• Group reflections and discussions on the drama methodology in class
• Reflections: How can I adapt the key learnings in my work?

Day 3
• Warm up exercises
• Roleplays and exercises to improve soft skills
• Increasing empathy and active listening
• Exercises for boosting self-confidence and self-expression.
• Techniques on teaching emotional intelligence and cooperative spirit
• Conflict resolution
Group reflections and discussions on the improvisation theater methodology in class

Day 4

• Drama techniques to improve public speaking
• Role plays and simulation exercises to pratice how to argue, negotiate, discuss, express your own opinion
• Drama methodology
The design of theater-based lessons (styles, character composition, setting, the structure of an improvisation scene etc.)
• Reflections: How can I adapt the key learnings in my work?

Day 5
• Work in groups – active learning methodologies
• Guided visit to a permaculture ecological farm working with people with mental illness since 25 years
• The role of permaculture as a therapeutic technique
• Open discussion on possible future collaborations and planning follow up activities
• Summary of key learning points
• Final course evaluation and feedback
• Validation of learning outcomes and handling certificates

Course organiser
Asociacion Educativa EDUPLUS
San Cristobal de La Laguna, Spain

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