Smart Eco Friendly Classroom tips for teachers

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Climate change and environmental degradation are key challenges for humanity. Education on how to built relationship with nature and keep the environment healthy should start at early age. Teachers are key actors to educate the children, how to behavior properly.
With aim to strength the capacities on teachers knowledge and competence on how to introduce eco contents in the teaching process, C.E.S. Academy, has developed the following training program:

Smart Eco Friendly Classroom tips for teachers

Day 1 Waste management basics
Lesson 1 Introduction, basic principles of waste management, waste hierarchy
Lesson 2 Basic division of waste, non-hazardous, hazardous, inert waste, municipal solid waste
Lesson 3 Waste management technologies (mechanical, biological, physical-chemical treatment)
Lesson 4 Incineration, Landfilling of waste

Day 2 Waste management and climate change
Lesson 1 The circulation of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in nature
Lesson 2 Fossil fuels and climate changes
Lesson 3 Greenhouse effect, acid rains, ozone hole
Lesson 4 Case study – waste management of biodegradable waste and impact on climate change

Day 3 EU legislation on waste management
Lesson 1 Waste framework directive
Lesson 2 Landfill directive
Lesson 3 Spatial waste categories directives
Lesson 4 Case study – implementation of spatial waste categories system

Day 4 Closing the Loop: The Circular Economy Package
Lesson 1 Resources in waste management
Lesson 2 Waste management targets in circular economy package
Lesson 3 Extended producer responsibility
Lesson 4 Food waste management

Day 5 Environmental protection and integrated pollution prevention control in waste management
Lesson 1 Environmental impact assessment, basics
Lesson 2 Case study – environmental impact assessment
Lesson 3 Integrated pollution prevention control, BAT BREF
Lesson 4 Case study – BAT BREF – waste management

The duration of the course is 5 days.

- Presentations
- Brainstorming
- Focused discussion
- Learn by doing
- Working in groups

The course will provide the participants with an attendance certificate including the detailed information about course, e.g. title, programme and schedule.

Trainers with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and training.

LOCATION Ohrid / Nea Kalikratia /Bansko

These costs are not included in the course price. However, special offers are available on request for accommodation in same facility where the trainings are organized.

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Academy C.E.S.
Bansko, Bulgaria

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