Happy Schools: Positive Education for Well-Being and Life-Skills Development - Barcelona

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Positive education is challenging the traditional educational paradigm worldwide; it aims to promote well-being and happiness in a holistic perspective in the classroom and beyond, providing young people with knowledge and life skills to flourish in their present and future life.

This contemporary educational approach is based on Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of human flourishing and optimal functioning, and focuses on strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organizations to succeed.

The course will introduce participants both to Positive Psychology fundamentals, presenting the most relevant international theories and references, and to Positive Education theories and techniques.

By the end of the course participants will have learnt how to design programs that combine academics with the development of character strengthening and well-being, such as the experience of positive emotions, engagement with activities, establishment of meaningful practices and relationships etc.

During the course participants will also be introduced to mindfulness as an opportunity to train their minds, drive attention to present moments, relax, achieve goals, and boost a certain level of self-awareness. They will be invited to design a personal project based on positive education to share with their colleagues once they go back to school.

Finally, participants will be involved in an active learning process also focusing on personal experience and self-reflection, combining cognitive and emotional elements to make the learning process easier and ensure long-lasting retention of the new knowledge.

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Course category: Arts and Wellbeing

Arts and Wellbeing: By practicing innovative techniques that involve art, psychology, and therapy, the participants in our courses of arts and wellbeing will develop their skills in self-expression and stress management. Thanks to creative activities, mindfulness and yoga, educators will learn how to be more relaxed at school and how to promote alternative forms of communication with their students.)

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Barcelona, Spain

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It was a great opportunity to broaden my experiences in the field of developing Special Needs Individual Educational Programs by Promoting Mental and Emotional Health. Moreover, I shared experiences with other colleagues about skills to be used in the classroom in order to control students emotions and reactions.

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The course focused on Positive Education for well-being and life skills development. Its aim was to improve the quality of educational functions by enhancing the role of teachers, developing our skills to create a dynamic and productive learning environment. It was an opportunity a) to get involved in an active learning process focusing on personal experience and self-reflection, b) to reach a certain level of self-awareness, and c) to learn how to design school interventions based on an understanding of Positive Psychology fundamentals (development of character strengths and well-being). Europass Teacher Academy (Barcelona) helped us work as a team, their instructor-trainer was very supporting and accomodated us in a warm enviroment. The trainer aimed to teach educational teqniques/good practices on how to improve students' prosocial skills (communication/ empathic understanding), so as to enhance mental and emotional health.The course provider helped us being positive, constructive, respectful, and she created a supporting learning environment throughout the whole course.

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A tanfolyamom első részének címe: Happy schools: Positive Education for Well-Being and Life-Skills Development in Barcelona. Ezen a héten a boldog diák és tanár jellemzőivel, a pozitív személyiségjegyek megnevezésével és saját személyiségünk alapos vizsgálatával, erősségeink és gyengeségeink felismerésével indult. Megismertük a jólét fogalmát az oktatás vonatkozásában, bevezettek minket a Mindfulness témakörébe és gyakorlati ötletekkel gazdagodtunk intézményeink pozitívabb légkörének megvalósítása terén. A második héten a Mindfulness for teachers c. kurzusra csatlakoztam be, hogy elmélyülhessek az újonnan megismert módszerben. A tanfolyamon különböző, figyelmünket tudatosan a jelenre koncentráló, stesszoldó légzéstechnikákat, és energizáló gyakorlatokat sajátítottunk el. A tevékenységek mentális és fizikai életünkre gyakorlolt pozitív hatásai már odakint érezhetőek voltak, így saját tapasztalataim alapján is bátran alkalmazom majd a tanítás során. Oktatóm, Marta Mandolini szakmai tudása és rendkívül nyitott, barátságos szemlélete egyértelműen hozzájárult a tanfolyam sikerességéhez és a kurzusszervező minőségi megítéléséhez. A Europass Teacher Academy a mobilitás teljes szakaszában maximálisan támogatta a szakmai felkészülésemet, biztonságomat, valamint kulturális ismereteim bővítését.

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To be honest I was hoping to receive more practical knowledge than theoretical. The course was mainly based on theory and it was less interactive, which I was looking forward to. I did not gain any new teaching methods or learning practices. The course provider had lots of knowledge in the field, but I think she was not well-prepared enough. All in all, I acquired some new information on the topic, however not as much as I expected.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
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