Creative Teaching in the Secondary and Adult English Language Classroom OXFORD (2-week course)

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This course is for people teaching English to students at Secondary school, to students at university and to adults. The Lake School of English in Oxford has over 25 years’ experience offering courses on best practice and innovation in English language teaching.

The course includes creative ideas to make your classes more lively and interactive, practical activities for teaching mixed ability classes, language improvement to refresh and update your English, a visit to a local school or education provider (term dates permitting), as well as a social and cultural activity programme.

Participants experience a dynamic, inspiring style of teaching and receive personal attention from friendly, approachable and experienced trainers who integrate a wide range of online and off-line resources to create a stimulating, professional and supportive learning environment.

The Lake School PIC number is: 945960006.

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English in Oxford at the Lake School
Oxford, United Kingdom

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Attended 15.08.2016 - 26.08.2016

A fantastic team of trainers. Great atmosphere. International students. Effective activities.

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Attended 15.07.2019 - 26.07.2019


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Attended 13.08.2018 - 24.08.2018

Everything was perfect! I learned a lot, enjoyed a lot! Thank you!

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Attended 16.07.2018 - 27.07.2018

I highly recommend this two-week course. The organization, the location, the content and the activities provided were absolutely brilliant!

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Attended 31.07.2017 - 11.08.2017

A brilliant form of training offering an opportunity to brush up on the language as well as develop professionally. The course curriculum covered topics and areas of teaching ESL which are perfectly relevant to my work at a secondary school, and to make it even better, it was updated and adjusted to the participants' needs by the absolutely excellent teacher Geraldine Power all through the course. The content was perfectly balanced between language practice and development of teaching skills and included for instance: colloquial expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs, a choice of grammar structures, examples of new ICT tools, a couple of handy ideas for teaching culture and many more. A friendly atmosphere, warm personalities and true engagement of all the participants created a natural learning environment and set a platform for sharing knowledge and experience. Enthusiasm of the teacher and all the group members encouraged breaking cultural and linguistic barriers, facilitated integration and establishing intercultural bonds. Accommodated in a homestay, having family meals and commuting to school every day, I had an opportunity to learn a lot about everyday life in the UK and make the experience even more authentic. We all made the most of the stay, using all our free time to practise English and improve our speaking skills as well as visit as much of the city and its neighbourhood as possible. Thanks to the school's offer of guided tours, Rob Tanner's professional guidance and the lovely company of my classmates I managed to see numerous historic and academic landmarks and cultural highlights of Oxford, the Cotswolds, Stratford upon Avon, Blenheim Palace, and even went to London for one day. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience that cannot be learnt from a textbook, an experience that will undoubtedly contribute to me being an even more enthusiastic and efficient teacher than before, a lot more confident and eager to share what I have learnt with my colleagues and students. I highly recommend the course and the school with its professional, devoted and always helpful management and teachers. Thank you Geraldine, Rob and Carmel! Well done!

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Attended 10.07.2017 - 21.07.2017

It was one of the best courses I have done abroad. And above all I want to emphasize the quality of teaching, good organization and the human quality of teaching staff I was also very pleased to be in contact with the classmates, teachers from different countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, Chekia, Spain, France, with whom I hope to be in contact to exchange professional subjects as well as for any professional exchange or simply for friendship. I also want to add, the course has been really useful; I am sure I will put into practise most of the material and the information the Lake School and also the teacher, Sian, has given us. I went there thanks to my School Erasmus+ project "Conectando con Europa: Competencias clave en Educación de Adultos: mejora de la competencia lingüística." ( Connecting with Europe: key competences in Adult Education: improvement of the Language I really would like to be there longer and learn a lot more.

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Attended 10.07.2017 - 21.07.2017

This course is a great antidote against falling into teaching routine. It reminded me how important it is to be creative and playful in the classroom, not only for the sake of my students, but also for myself as a teacher – and, it is sometimes very easy to forget about this! Our tutor, Lucy Holmes, introduced all activities in a very upbeat, lively way, and there was always a clear sense of purpose to everything we did. With a little creativity, these activities can easily be adapted to many different teaching contexts. And, Oxford is such a fabulous place for a course like this! I highly recommend it to anyone in need of refreshing their teaching skills.

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Attended 27.02.2017 - 10.03.2017

I can highly recommend this course. It was not only entertaining (thanks to our wonderful teacher Sian Tezel), but I also learned a lot in terms of personal language skills as well as ideas for teaching. I returned full of new motivation and ideas and was also provided with ample material. Oxford and the Lake School are the perfect location for an Erasmus+ course and I hope to return one day!

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Attended 05.06.2017 - 16.06.2017

Overall the course was of good quality, organization was superb and the location, Oxford, was extremely interesting. I would recommend the Lake School of English to anyone without hesitation.

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Attended 07.11.2016 - 18.11.2016

This 2-week course provided me with a huge bank of innovative and easy-to-use activities. I especially appreciate that our tutor Geraldine Power shared with us those types of activities that work best with her own students. Overall the course was great and has had an immediate effect on my day-to-day teaching.

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Attended 05.09.2016 - 16.09.2016

I was lucky to take part in the course in Oxford (Erasmus Plus, 2015-1-CZ01-KA10-013097). Our teacher Lucy Holmes was a great expert, always prepared. She gave us a lot of useful ideas that we can apply in our lessons. We refreshed our English, received information about teaching methods with examples. It´s a pity there were not fewer people in the group (12), so that we could have more opportunities to practice speaking.

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English in Oxford at the Lake School
English in Oxford at the Lake School
Rating: 5/585 users


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