Time for Teachers - Personal and professional development

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Investing in life skills is precondition for success. Every person posses own talents and is unique in own way, but what we all have in common is that we strive to achieve our potential to have a quality life. Success of each individual in society is a common success and leads to better environment for all. This training is aimed for everyone who are willing to invest in own personal development.

1. Goal setting/ motivation framework
2. Communication skills
3. Organizational skills
4. Team management
5. Time management
6. Conflict management
7. Stress control


 Setting personal goals and planning
 Understanding the team as a social environment
 Establishing team spirit and work energy
 Identification of motivation factors in the team
 Establishing synergy in the team
 Identify the reasons for wasting time
 Mechanisms of coping with procrastination as common syndromes
 Time planning
 Delegation of responsibilities
 Rules for organizing effective meetings
 Empathy
 Assertiveness and assertive communication
 Emotion management
 Negotiation
 Mediation
 Types of communication
 Feedback - the meaning of communication
 Shannon-Weaver model
 Communication factors
 Identify common causes of stress
 Recognizing the symptoms of stress
 Discovering useful tools and techniques for putting stress under control

The duration of the course is 6 days (from Monday to Saturday).

 Presentations
 Brainstorming
 Focused discussion
 Learn by doing
 Working in groups

The course will provide the participants with an attendance certificate including the detailed information about course, e.g. title, programme and schedule.

Trainers with more than 25 years of experience in teaching and training.
LOCATIONS Skopje / Nea Kalikratia /Bansko

These costs are not included in the course price. However, special offers are available on request for accommodation in same facility where the trainings are organized.

Course organiser
Academy C.E.S.
Skopje, North Macedonia

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Academy C.E.S.
Academy C.E.S.
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