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The training course aims at providing participants with the relevant skills to plan, manage and implement European projects in the fields of school education and training (Erasmus+). Participants will discover the opportunities within Erasmus + in terms of developing project ideas and promoting new partnerships in their schools.

The course intends also to provide the competencies to efficiently manage EU projects. In fact, winning a project does not necessarily mean carrying it out efficiently. A proper project management and administrative organization is key to ensure on-time funding release and smooth running of the project. That is why this course explores the budget management, the financial aspects and the reporting activities of the Erasmus projects. The course will also contain practical tips and in-sights on the participation to EU projects, thanks to the professional experience of our trainers.

The overall objective of the course is to give the right tools to set-up the international strategy of the school and to boost its European dimension. The course will be also an opportunity to enlarge the network of participants, with brainstorming activities on their project ideas and visits to other schools already involved in EU projects or to Institutions and Associations very active in the educational field.

The course usually lasts 5 days, 4 hours of training for day and will take place in Rome.
We can also organize 7-day courses according to the requests of participants.

Support will be provided to organize accommodation close to the course venue and within the available budget.

For the detailed training programme please have a look at our website.

Please contact us for tailor-made training programmes and other dates for 2018.

Please bear in mind that the session taking place in November is a 2-week-special edition.

For requests and information email us to

Course organiser
Euphoria Net s.r.l.
Rome, Italy

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25.01.2021 > 29.01.2021 (ID: 134974)
22.02.2021 > 26.02.2021 (ID: 134966)
22.03.2021 > 26.03.2021 (ID: 134965)
19.04.2021 > 23.04.2021 (ID: 134973)
24.05.2021 > 28.05.2021 (ID: 134972)
14.06.2021 > 18.06.2021 (ID: 134971)
05.07.2021 > 09.07.2021 (ID: 134970)
27.09.2021 > 01.10.2021 (ID: 134969)
18.10.2021 > 22.10.2021 (ID: 134968)
15.11.2021 > 19.11.2021 (ID: 134967)
13.12.2021 > 17.12.2021 (ID: 134975)

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Euphoria Net s.r.l.
Euphoria Net s.r.l.
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