Resilience and Wellbeing Strengths for Teachers - Curacao

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🚶‍♀️ Activities: A guided city tour and a full-day excursion.
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🏫 Also available in: Barcelona, Florence, Dublin and Nice.

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Some people thrive in a crisis. Other people flourish in a state of well-being. Neither of these two states can be maintained consistently and they vary at any given time, in different aspects of our lives. We are constantly in a state of flux and change, perhaps now more than ever.

Resilience can be described as a set of strengths we can employ to drive us towards achieving a balance between the highs and lows that we experience, in life and work. Together with wellbeing, it allows us to make teaching and learning sustainable and meaningful during times of change, crisis and challenge. While we cannot maintain a constant level of wellbeing, we can lead students and teachers to recognize when a state of wellbeing exists and when drawing on resilience strengths is useful or necessary.

In this course, we will share and discuss the importance of teachers understanding and taking responsibility for developing their resilience strengths to help them navigate their way towards a heightened and more stable state of wellbeing. Through exploring strategies such as emotional management, positive mindset, changing the internal narrative, and building empathy and compassion, participants will discover how to rebuild resilience and render their life more enjoyable and manageable. By identifying and analyzing the strengths necessary for achieving wellbeing and behaving resiliently, we will collaborate to find ways of navigating emotional highs and lows in ways that promote mental, emotional, and physical health.

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