Explore, Reflect, Discover: An Immersive Learning Experience in Florence - Florence

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Engaging learners in education that incorporates exploration, reflection, and discovery creates an immersive learning experience by placing students in situations and activities that motivate and stimulate them.

Furthermore, education that includes opportunities for students to investigate, participate, create, explore, and contribute will bring joy into learning and inspire curiosity in the classroom.

This course mainly explores strategies for immersing students in critical thinking and reflective activities which can be used to promote interesting learning experiences that get students to concentrate and notice while taking the Renaissance city of Florence, Italy (historic people, places, events, and objects of art), into consideration as its stage location.

Hence, the course will foster ideas, formulas, routines, and frameworks for teaching that can be used in different settings and with all academic subjects – i.e., virtual classrooms and/or onsite learning; along with educational experiences that can take place either indoors, outdoors, or both for all age groups.

During in-class activities, participants will be prompted to employ, share, and engage in various activities that encourage reflection, thinking, and discovery that can adapted to their own classrooms.

In two outdoor activities, participants will visit two areas in Florence’s historic city center and learn how to incorporate outdoor activities into a curriculum.

By the end of the course, participants will have explored and experienced a variety of powerful and creative learning tools and teaching techniques to help them manage their classrooms and involve their students in a more compelling and beneficial way.

They will also learn how to encourage the development of thinking, reflecting, noticing, and careful observation into the lives of their students. This course will bring energy and interest to your lessons and improve every single educational environment where motivation is lacking.

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Course category: Creativity and Soft Skills

Creativity and Soft Skills: By fostering critical thinking and communicative abilities, an educator can develop better relationships with students, colleagues, and students’ parents, thus obtaining higher learning outcomes. If you want to expand both your creative thinking and storytelling skills, you should check out our Creativity and Soft Skills courses. They can help you design stimulating activities which aim to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration among your students.

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