European Project Management - Building European Identity at Educational and Training organisations (6 days)

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Welcome to IDEC trainings in Greece!
>> Scope: Planning, implementation and evaluation of European projects in Erasmus+ programme.

>> Aim: European Project Management training course aims at equipping staff in education and training organisations with the necessary knowledge, skills, competences and attitudes to build the European identity and strategy of their organizations, join, participate in and lead European projects. The course focuses on Erasmus+ programme, especially in Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships and Key Action 1: Mobility projects. Other EU programmes as well as other strands of Erasmus+ programme are presented briefly and depending on the interest of the participants may also be tackled. The course addresses all those involved in the management, administration, implementation and evaluation of European projects: Principals and headmasters of schools, managers and directors of educational establishments, project managers and European project officers, administrative staff, teachers and trainers.

>> Certificates: Certificate of attendance.
Europass Certificate Supplement.
Europass Mobility.

>> ECVET points: 3.5

>> Target groups: Staff of education and training organizations, involved in European projects.

>> Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the training course, you are expected to:
- understand the structure, objectives and priorities of European programmes;
- be able to form a European partnership;
- be able to write a proposal for funding a European project;
- be able to administrate and manage a European project;
- work in international teams, meet deadlines and face challenges

>> Thematic units:
• European education and training policies
• The Erasmus+ programme
• Project design
• Project planning and proposal writing
• Implementation of a European project

>> Methodology and learning material: The preparation phase includes a learning needs analysis that is being conducted with a standardised questionnaire.
The course instruction applies active learning techniques, in which different learning methods are applied: brainstorming, workgroups, case studies, participants’ presentations, SWOT analysis. During the five days training, you will build your own portfolio of exercises. The final assessment is based on the individual portfolio and on a final interview, by the course instructor.
The learning material consists of presentations and support material, in English language.
As a follow up, the participants are invited to join our facebook group and network with other people interested in European projects. IDEC staff will provide all necessary support to facilitate your entry into European project proposals.

>> Why selecting this course?
The European Project Management course has been developed through the Lifelong Learning project IDOL – International Development Officer for Lifelong Learning, bringing together the experience and expertise of organisations from different European countries. The course is being delivered by IDEC since 2012, with great success.
IDEC is an organization with great experience in European projects, having participated in more than 300 European projects and has cooperated with more than 700 organisations from all over Europe, since the 90s. The course instructors have more than 20 years of experience in European projects as project managers and project members and a very good track of successful proposals.
Each course session is unique in the sense that it is tailored to the profiles and needs of the participants. By attending this course, you will have the opportunity to fulfil your specific learning needs and to develop a project proposal relevant to your organization.
By joining this course, you will be supported in placing your organisation into the framework of European projects, identify opportunities and plan your strategy for your successful entry and establishment into the Community of European Projects. You will gain valuable technical competences to plan, implement and evaluate a European Project. Through the training course, you will work with your fellow participants on a project proposal, starting from the formulation of the project idea, definition of the partnership, development of the workplan, calculation of the budget and finalization of the funding proposal. Particular emphasis will be placed in developing a winning proposal application, thus the whole process will be underpinned by the most common selection criteria: to make the proposal relevant to the European and national priorities and objectives, to build quality of the partnership and work programme and to ensure dissemination and impact.
Last but not least, IDEC will provide to you an unforgettable experience in Greece, with a well-designed cultural programme. You will have the chance to experience the Greek culture, hospitality, gastronomy and social life and spend precious moments with your fellow participants.

Note: The training sessions are being held between 9:00 – 14:00 daily with two coffee breaks. Small adjustments can be made to accommodate the cultural activities.

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Piraeus, Greece

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