Game-based learning in education

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Rapid changes and restructuring in the field of work and society leading inevitably to the need for a different approach to educational issues in order to enable learners to live and work in a digital, globalized and multicultural environment. Accordingly, the role of the educator is more complex and multidimensional in our days. In this light, this course offers educators the right skills, techniques and tools to embrace Game-based learning into their teaching/training sessions.


  • Teachers & Headmasters/principals/managers of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools or organizations offering adult education or vocational education
  • Adult education teachers
  • Teachers of special needs
  • Trainers of educators
  • Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors

To improve educators’ scientific and pedagogical background through the use of Game Based Method.

This course provides the general knowledge and understanding required to offer educators the necessary skills to use Game Based Method during their teaching/training sessions. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand the usability of game based method
  • comprehend the pros and cons of game based usages in educational processes
  • know a range of games that can be used to support learning
  • promote the use of new technologies through the integration of the games into the educational process, thus enhancing learners’ digital skills
  • incorporate games into the educational process with the aim to make learning more engaging
  • gain experience in new techniques through their participation in workshops/practical sessions
  • familiarize themselves with best practice approaches and practical examples of using game based tools and methods in education in different countries
  • create lesson plans by applying new knowledge gained
  • incorporate game-based strategies during their lessons/sessions in the future
  • create a game to serve a particular educational goal


  • The course uses participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including lecture/presentation, discussions, group work, questions and answers, demonstrations, and practical sessions (hands-on practice).
  • Participants will be given a hard copy of the material presented during the course.
  • Each participant will be assessed throughout the course.

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Sunday Welcome
-Walking City Tour
-Welcoming dinner
Monday Introduction
-Ice breaking activities and course introduction
-Understanding the role of Games in education
-Sharing personal experience and examples
-Introducing host town (cultural sights)
Tuesday - Game Based Learning
-Game-Based Learning as a teaching method
-Different types of Games for enhancing Learning
-Critical Thinking through Games
-Teaching strategies and sources for Game Based Learning
-Game Based Learning workshop
Wednesday - Gamification
-Game-design elements and game principles in educational context
-Gamification examples
-Lesson design with gaming elements
-Gamification workshop
Thursday - Serious games
-Serious games in education
-Game concept design   
-Gameplay design
-Serious game workshop
Friday - Augmented Reality (AR)
-Augmented Reality in education
-Examples of AR learning activities
-Creating AR educational projects and experiences
-Explore local culture through augmented reality
-Feedback of the course and evaluation
Closing ceremony
-Handing over certificates
-Farewell dinner

Course organiser
Thessaly, Greece

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