Digital Skills and Project - Based Learning: Learn how to create highly engaging e-course content in just one week - no previous knowledge needed

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The Essential Masterclass for Graphical, Audio, Video, Quiz and Collaboration Content - For Not-so Techie Teachers

Do you want to create fun and interactive classes, but you don’t know where to start? Moodle, videos, quizzes, online exams – they make you nervous?

Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

You can join our 5-day course for beginners in sunny Tenerife or online! We’ll help you get started with our online course! It does not matter if you teach languages, history or mathematics, these online tools have a solution for everyone.

We offer you a variety of teaching methods for the best learning result. In our seminars, we work with presentations and teach you the theory and the WHY and HOW of online courses and HOW to implement it in a project-based learning environment We show you in our live demonstrations how to design beautiful learning content, prepare your own audio and video materials, create interactive exercises, and so on. And finally, in the workshops, you will implement on your own what you’ve learned before. We will be looking over your shoulder to assist you.

In just ONE WEEK with us you’ll learn how to:
- Work with Canva, design infographics and other learning materials
- Create your own podcasts, audio materials
- Finally, you will be able to create and edit videos
- Quizzes, memory games and interactive exercises won`t be a struggle from now on
- embed your content in a project-based learning environment

Monday - Welcome and course overview
Project Management Tools
Design tools and tips
Introduction to Canva
Working with Templates

Tuesday - Podcast and audio materials
What are Podcasts?
Planning and Preparing a Podcast
Tools and Setup

Wednesday - Video skills and editing
Steps to create a Video and Shooting your own Video
Working with a teleprompter
Inshot & Canva Demonstration and Video editing

Thursday - Interactive content creation
The Benefits of Using Interactive Content
Creation of Interactive content - Quizzes, Flashcards, etc.
Using Interactive Exercises in a Presentation

Friday - Project-based Learning
Introduction to PBL
How to create a PBL activity
Tools to enhance PBL activities
Feedback session, Testimonials and Certificates

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FU International Academy Tenerife
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

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