Course 5: Interactions between schools and families-Connecting people’s needs

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Course Overview
Nowadays, most European countries face multiple challenges stemming from modern phenomena like emerging diversities, economic crisis, austerity, immigration, and terror. Such conditions pose new requirements to educational, health and social services. The education and family systems -as being two basic pylons of modern societies- are affected by those challenges too. Both are primarily concerned with raising healthy children and youth, as well as educating the citizens of tomorrow. Systems are being forged at the basis of complex and dynamical interactions. A focal point of the interactions between people is the mutual recognition of their basic psychological and social needs. Meeting these needs represents a secure pathway to people’s thriving and wellness. The present course spotlights the notions of systems development and system thinking in the cases of schools, families, authority figures (teachers, parents etc.), and growing persons (children, students etc.). Studying need-supportive strategies and acquiring relevant techniques are the main goals of the present course.
Course Methodology
This course exploits a large array of adult learning methods, such as experiential learning, reflecting on learning, transformative learning, and constructive learning. The core techniques will cover real life scenarios, studying vignettes, role play, simulations, graphic organizers, conceptual mapping, and directed self-study. Contents and fundamental goals will be introduced to the participants. Their contemporary educational needs will be assessed and taken into account. Participants will have the opportunity to bring in their own experiences and work influences. Thus, exchanging ideas, views, practices and experiences will be invited.

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Society in Progress (SiP)

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Society in Progress (SiP)
Society in Progress (SiP)
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