Course 2: New Management and Leadership

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Course Overview
Research and daily practice have shown that organization effectiveness depend on many factors. One of the four factors (plan, organize, lead, control) is leadership. Leadership is the process with which directed and coordinated the human resources work activities. Is necessary the leader have the ability/skills to motivate employees, direct activities, select the most effective communication channels, resolve conflicts among staff member and above them, support innovation, organization liaison with all involved people and entities. His/her roles are many: managerial, interpersonal, informational and decisional, where required extremely important skills as, conceptual, interpersonal, technical, politician. Finally must be referred that, many disciplines in humanities and social sciences affect management in general and in particularly leadership practices. It consists a synthesis of economic, anthropology, philosophy, political, psychology, sociology sciences.

Course Methodology
The course is structured in 5 thematic modules and 32 topics. Each module incorporates current theories of Human resources/leadership, practices, questionnaires and workshops.

Course organiser
Society in Progress (SiP)
Chania & Athens, Greece

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