Practical uses of Technology in the Language Classroom

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Many teachers wonder how they can integrate computer-based or Internet-based materials into their classroom teaching or
the curriculum. This course has been designed to help teachers with basic computer skills learn how to use a variety of free
applications for educational purposes. The focus will be on using the technology to enhance face to face learning and extend
learning beyond normal contact hours. Teachers will learn how to use the applications, create tasks and lessons and evaluate
what learners do. We will also focus on classroom managements issues. Each participant will develop an e-portfolio of
products (lesson plans, activities, podcasts, images, handouts, as appropriate) to take home. This course also provides a large
amount of English practice throughout.
Programme of the training activities.
• Your e-identity: security, passwords, avatars
• Authoring tools: respecting copyright and preventing plagiarism, blogs, wikis, slide share sites
• Working with images: effective screen capture tools, copyright issues for images, editing images, creating cartoons and
• Working with audio: podcasting (finding, subscribing, creating and sharing), VoiceThreads
• Researching skills: effective search techniques, evaluating websites, alternative search engines,
• Social networking/bookmarking tools; Google Apps for teachers
• Putting it together: designing tasks for ICT-based lessons, integrating ICT into the curriculum, lesson planning, classroom
management for lab lessons
Description of training content:
Each participant will fill in an online survey three weeks before the start date outlining their expected outcomes as a result of
attending this course. Each participant is requested to complete 5 hours of pre-course tasks. This is so that time can be used
effectively once we are all together at Pilgrims.
During the course
We advise you to bring your own laptops for the course. A microphone/headset (USB model) and a memory stick, minimum 2
GB is strongly recommended. You are advised to bring along copies of any course documents, materials, exams or other
areas of your own work that you might use while designing online materials or quizzes.
Expected results
As a result of attending this course, teachers will gain confidence in their ability to use technology for educational purposes.
Their digital literacy skills will be much improved. They will have become independent learners in the digital world. Participants
will also become more competent and confident users of English.

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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