Steps to a career - getting skills to help them be active into society

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This training course is about bringing a contribution to the unemployment problem. The schools, adult learning centers, youth organizations, according to their development strategies, needs to have teachers, trainers and youth workers well prepared and informed in accordance with the existent solutions to prevent this phenomenon and the ability to transfer this knowledge into their teaching/training approaches.

This TC "Steps to a career – getting skills to help them be active into society" is about getting new silks and competences for teachers, trainers and youth workers in order to be able to advise and work guide the students and the unemployed youngster or adults, in accordance with the European dimension of labor work.
The cooperation between different organizations and the trainees' mobilities is going to bring an added values due to the exchanges of views and the sharing of knowledge.

The training course is structured as follow:

• PsD (personal development): self-esteem, self-awareness, creativity, team work, communication (body language, learning a foreign language), skills (provide few solutions Free Webinars and online courses to develop their skills)
• PfD (professional development): building qualifications, in-service training activities, re-qualifications, programs, tools to get a job: CV Europass, letter of intention, interview, volunteer work and internships, cold calls, networking (companies rely on employee referrals), the importance of Youth Pass and social platforms online CV building (e.g. LinkedIn)
• European Labor Market - Search - Adapt - Act : eg. European job market, European solutions: EURES - CREDAL - Youth Guarantee, Entrepreneurship as educational aspect...
• Learning impact of study visits - Official visit to a local job agent: Gorj County Agency for Employment
• Exchange and transfer of knowledge by using ICT tools: creative presentations of national employment solutions, Video presentations from relevant actions (from YouTube/ EACEA’s/ EURES etc.) database as a positive and interactive discussion simulator, Skype call with start-up experts/success story, movies & documentaries,
• Sustainable approach & European cooperation: action plan – preparing a curricula draft on 'career guidance and counselling' topic
• Cultural contact: trip to discover Romanian beauties, cultural aspects, traditional meal, intercultural evening, city visit
• Hopefully, this participation will help YOU to get skills adapted to the European job market needs in a competitive economy and guidance and orientation abilities and methodologies for your students and unemployed youngsters or adults.

We will do our best to assure a qualitative training for you, to improve your competences of teaching/training in an European spirit, and become more professional in accordance with the students and other learning participants needs. You will definitely improve English communications skills as well with the capacity of cooperation at European level, of exchange of ideas, good practices, and knowledge. Most important, your role in education will be significant for the future insertion on job market of those you are working with.

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International Center for Education
Targu Jiu, Romania

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International Center for Education
International Center for Education
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