2 Week Course: Intensive English and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - Dublin

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🚶‍♀️ Activities: Two guided city tours and one full-day excursion.

📅 Starting date: Every third Monday of the month.

🏫 Also available in: Florence.

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Course Description

Are you a teacher looking to strengthen your Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills? Do you need some practice communicating in English? Then this combo-course is for you!

In the first week, you’ll practice and improve upon your English language skills in an Intensive English course, tailored to your language level. Then in the second week, you’ll complete your teacher training in ICT.

Course Structure

Week 1: Intensive English (Levels A2, B1, or B2)
20 hours of lessons with a group of other teachers and students, to prepare you for active participation in the following week’s teacher training.

Week 2: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Familiarize yourself with the latest software, programs and apps for online teaching and learning, or try your hand at coding and robotics. Start incorporating more photo, video, and audio activities into your lessons, and explore the educational opportunities of social media.

Choose from any of our available ICT courses for your second week of teacher training, once you’ve completed your English language course.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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