Art as Therapy: Self-Expression and Special Needs in Art Education - Florence

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Art related activities are powerful means of personal development, among young students and across their life span. Art has a strong therapeutic power and is strictly connected to our body: art activities can influence blood pressure and breathing. Art also promotes self-esteem and self-expression, empathy, self-knowledge and self-regulation, time and space management skills.

Art facilitates mental and emotional growth. As a matter of fact, it can be a great tool to promote integration and communication among students, especially the ones affected by autism, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities etc.

The course aims to present the therapeutic power of Visual Arts through first-hand experimentation of various art techniques such as painting, 3D, collage, mixed media, photography. In addition, teachers will be involved in group and role-playing activities related to the important role of art in the case of students with special needs.
We will not delve fully into the real therapeutic context, but we will definitely create a secure environment where you can experiment the therapeutic power of art and learn how to properly respond to your students needs and requests.

Participants will be involved in an active learning process, focusing on personal experience and self-expression, combining cognitive and emotional elements to ensure long-lasting retention of new knowledge.

- Utilize the strong therapeutic power of art to promote wellbeing, empathy, as well as personal and professional development;

- Learn how art therapy can promote mental and emotional growth through art making in special needs education and in general;

- Understand how to use art as a tool to promote integration among students and serve as a special means of communication;

- Experiment with art techniques to find the relevant role of art for a positive/effective teacher-student relationship;

All our courses in Florence include 2 city guided tours and 1 full day excursion in Tuscany to be chosen among options.

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Attended 19.08.2019 - 24.08.2019

Davide was an excellent tutor and throughout the course we experienced many different aspects of Art therapy. I am looking forward to incorporating these into my work with sytudents with special needs

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Attended 20.06.2016 - 25.06.2016

Loved it!

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Europass Teacher Academy
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