Multiculturalism – teacher's role in the integration process of immigrant children

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Migration is not a new phenomenon, but it is getting more relevant in our lives. Integration and multiculturalism are one of the most important elements for creating a diverse and open society. If we want to live in multi-cultural societies, it is important to teach our children how to be open-minded, tolerant and how to accept diversity. Kindergartens and schools need to cooperate in integrating immigrant children into educational system and society. Ensuring safe and encouraging multi-cultural environment is crucial for all children to develop their potentials. Strengthening values of multiculturalism and diversity can meaningfully contribute to personal development of all children (not only immigrant), their parents and teachers.


The course will equip participants with knowledge and skills for creating a multi-cultural environment in their organisations. Participants will learn how to understand different cultures and how to change stereotypes. Course will emphasize the role of teachers and their institutions in encouraging multi-cultural educational environment. Participants will get familiar with programme for successful integration of immigrant children into school system.


Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.

- Icebreakers, introduction to the course.
- Sharing the multi-cultural experiences and good practices in the field of integration of immigrant children into educational system.
- Understanding cultural backpack: becoming aware of cultural patterns.
- Experiential workshop: understanding the perspective of others in communication.

Cultural evening.

- Awareness of the emotional and psychological distress of immigrant children in the process of integration into new environment.
- Responding to the needs of immigrant children and providing help and support to them and their families.
- Presentation of "The successful integration of immigrant children" programme.

- Full day study visit to Slovenian school that is an example of good practice in encouraging multiculturalism and integration of immigrant children into educational system.
- Presentation of guidelines for integration of immigrant children.

- Inclusive pedagogy: understanding the concept, it’s functioning, obstacles and benefits.
- Tools and exercises for integration of immigrant children into educational activities at the level of classroom and school.
- Cooperation between teachers and local community (NGOs, institutions, associations...) in strengthening children’s talents and potentials.

- Empowering immigrant children to become active participants in their school and local environment.
- Providing supportive and multi-cultural school environment for successful integration of immigrant children.
- Key learning points, concluding remarks, feedback to the trainer using creativity technique.

- Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes.
- Discussing possibilities for future cooperation among participants.

* Some changes in the programme are possible. The participants will receive the Informational Booklet a few weeks prior to the start of the course.

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