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The consequences of contemporary pluralist society create culturally challenging
educational environment in EU. It is recognized that there is a need for methodology and
pedagogical strategies that are consistent with both local realities and European space exploring understanding of the school content through various tools for innovative problem solving. As main objectives we will work on :
• Improving self – esteem of the students through encouraging their creative thinking and fostering their imagination;
• Higher motivation to remain on task by working in small groups;
• Developing actively and constructively students’ involvement in the work at class;
• Encouraging students to take the ownership of their own learning;
• Improving teamwork skills;
• Exchanging experiences and intercultural practices in cooperative and collaborative learning process as long as in creativity and innovation;
• Putting into practice the principal that “teachers become learners at times, and learners sometimes teach”;
• Developing Lateral Thinking Skills;
This course includes visits to "Future Classrooms" in different schools and exchanging of ideas with the teachers in a practical way,
This course includes STEAM methodologies and visit to schools which are developing methodologies according to the use of the "Future Classroom", including mobile devices in education

Course organiser
CREF - Centro de Recursos Educativos e Formação (eTwinning verified)
Sesimbra and Lisbon, Portugal

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Attended 07.10.2019 - 12.10.2019

I recommend the course to all those who want to upgrade their knowledge about creativity and innovation (digital skills) in the classroom. Excellent organization, hospitality end beautiful country, what alse do you need.

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Attended 08.07.2019 - 13.07.2019

I found this course practical and useful for my classes. We learned lots of apps and different ways to motivate students and also ourselves. We visited some interesting places such as "the future classroom" and other schools where are working with different methodologies. The trainers were great and the organisation superb! Thank you very much for the experience.

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Attended 23.04.2018 - 28.04.2018

The course met my expectations. Creativity and innovation in the classroom are the future of education. The STEAM concept agrees with the concept of integrated education in the younger classes with which I work. I got to know many digital tools: Kahoot, Popplet, Socrative, Prezi, Canva, OR codes, ActiveInspire, Mentimeter. I also got to know the concept of Future Classroom. Visits to schools were very inspiring. I visited wonderful places, I met interesting people. Thank you very much!

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Attended 23.04.2018 - 28.04.2018

Great organization of course, interesting lecturers and an excellent selection of topics. I recommend the course to all those who want to upgrade their classes.

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I participated in this course and agreed with Ivan. The workshops were interesting and useful for to me and my students.

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Replied by CREF - Centro de Recursos Educativos e Formação on 28.08.2018 08:36