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LANGUAGE: Languages used for the training: English, but many languages for 6+ groups. The language of the course can be arranged according to the characteristics of the groups in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

LOCATION AND DURATION: 25 – 29 January 2021 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Number of Training Days: 5 Days
Lessons per week: 30 English Language
Lesson Duration: 09:00-15:00 for a day
Length and fees: http://bluecore-edu.com/index.php/courses-and/
Class Size: Maximum 20
Language level: A1/A2
Suitable for: School administrators, school staff, teachers and Everyone

This course will be contented with the motivation of the students aged between 5-12. This course will be mainly about the brain improvement and memorizing skills of the children and the intelligential improvement of the children in that age. This education model is related to the STEM education modules, student motivation and pre-school education. So, in this point, the mind games will help to the children in their intelligential skills and their motivation.
The board games “such as chess, scrabble, etc.”, and the memorizing games, numerological games, potential games that will develop the motivation and the intelligence will help to the developing of the students in their motivation; because some of the students may have been in a suffer in the motivation to their lessons. So, our methodology for the course will be done by these mind and board games and their introduction with their contributions to the student motivation, and the course sessions will be ended with the school visits and the distributions of the certificates to the participants.

The acquisitions that the participants will gain at the end of the course as follows:
-The general concepts about the mind games
-They will learn about the types of the mind games, strategies, and their application types
-They will know about the mind games, their rules, and their solving strategies.
-They will have ability to be referees of these mental games and mind games

The contents of the course:
-The mind games education, its purposes, and details
-The argument styles, strategies and rules
-Linguistic mind games besides mathematical ones
-Memorial mind games
-Strategic mind games
-Geometric and mechanic mind games
-Board mind games

Methods: Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits

Course Topics:
Motivation with mind games
Intelligential improvement

PROGRAM (Training activities):
-PPT slides
-sharing thoughts and ideas with the group
-sightseeing and the school visits

After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily program). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of routines and practices that they apply to their teaching.

Module1: Contributions of the mind games to motivation and intelligence
Module2: Their contributions of the individual improvement and self-reliance
Module3: The mental improvement
Module4: Achievement

The acquisitions that teacher will gain after the course:
-They can learn about how to motivate the students through mind games
-They will learn the methods and techniques how they can their students’ intelligential improvement from the age 5 to 12
-They will have the opportunity to discuss and experience in a course ambiance with an experienced trainer

-Welcome to the participants
-A quick introduction to the course
-Introduction of the mind games used in the motivation of the students
-The methods and techniques about how can we use these mind games in the student motivation
Coffee Break
-How can we turn these mind games into attractive activities in schools?
-Benefits of mind games to children in schools
-Team-building activities applied in mind improvement with games
-Talking about the other board games
-Talking about the integration of these education with mind games to the school curriculums
-Introduction of the mind games differentiated into the age ranges of the students
-Students’ fields of interests
Coffee Break
-Team building activities for children
-Scientific resources explain the benefits of mind games for children
-Strategies for increasing the motivations
-Integration studies about mind games to the general education curriculums
-Linguistic mind games, besides the numerical ones
-Combining through them into one education module
Coffee Break
-Multiplier activities for this mind games and the communication skills development for children
-The implementation of this mind game educations in European countries
-Talking about the preventing the children’s experiencing the learning difficulties
-How can we relate these with the mind games
-The general evaluation about the course
-Game time with the mind games during the session
Coffee Break
-A plan for these mind games and their implementation in schools
-Reducing activities for the learning difficulties for children
-Relationship between these activities and learning difficulties of children
-Sightseeing, historical places
-School visits
-Distribution of the certificates

CERTIFICATIONS: At the end of the course; Participants will take ”Certificate of Participant”, ”Europass Mobility Certificate”, ”Staff Mobility Agreement‘‘ and BlueCore International Academy Invoice certificates.

Course Fee: 70 Euros per day for every participant

Course organiser
Blue Core International Academy (eTwinning verified)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact organisation

Upcoming sessions

25.01.2021 > 29.01.2021 (ID: 154787)
Register before 24.01.2021


Blue Core International Academy
Blue Core International Academy
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