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LEGENDS AND CULTURE: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY course is aimed for teachers and school staff from pre-school level to primary, secondary, vocational, adult and special needs education, staff of non-government organizations, government and policy makers and company staff. Non-native English trainers expecting participants to have at least B1 level of English proficiency.

You will learn how to preserve and disseminate the local heritage that all of us have in our cities. Iceland will show you old legends and stunning places so you can prepare the same taking in account your teaching background and your own knowledge of your country. Travel journal will be used as a notebook to take notes of the course and where to write the inputs received every day. Finally, teachers will summarize the course in a short presentation making comparisons between Iceland and their own countries. This is the way to learn how to preserve and disseminate the local heritage that all of us have in our cities.

LEGENDS AND CULTURE: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY course is based on practical lessons and trips to discover local heritage based on different fields of education. The course will have amazing visits, stunning sightseeing, lectures and workshops to ensure full comprehension of the final task. You will receive pills of knowledge about different fields of Education such as Science, Nature, History, Literature, Geography, … enjoying old legends of Iceland and visiting stunning places of the island. Everyday you’ll have a task to do related to the final job that every teacher should present on the last day.

Our experienced trainers will support and stimulate the networking and cooperation among participants. We organize workshops, networking, cultural, sport and historical activities in order to give participants the opportunity to exchange best-practices and establish professional cooperation and links. These activities are a very good example of how to organise activities in a possible common future KA2 project. The expected training activity has been structured so that the participants can transfer know-how and develop needed skills to create and manage a proposal with real success.

Teachers will have the chance to assess the Iceland preservation of Nature and they have to trace a guideline to do with their own students once they have returned to their countries. By the end of the course, participants should know how to preserve their local heritage thanks to Icelandic experience. To ensure that, participants will work on a travel journey taking notes about inputs received by different trainers they will have daily in the course. So, teachers will acquire concrete skills on how to design a plan to conserve local culture and work with their own students. Furthermore, trainers will make extensive use of evidence-based examples and experiences.

In the end of the course, the company will provide the participants an attendance certificate including the detailed information about the course, e.g. title, programme and schedule. In addition, a Europass Mobility Certificate can be added on request.

LEGENDS AND CULTURE: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY course covers all the needs of the project cycle to preserve local culture. As a teacher, you will have to adapt Iceland experience to your personal situation and your own reality in order to create a successful plan. The plan will start developing the idea, finding the right partners, designing a successful project, assessing during all the process –not only at the end– to manage properly and reporting it. In detail, the concrete goals of the course are:
- To improve the knowledge about how to create preservation projects in order to foster European integration based on local culture.
- To empower and to train teachers, education staff and those interested in preserving local Heritage.
- To know a great experience based on legend and culture and be able to transfer the good practices in a satisfactory way to their own school centers.
- To strengthen European collaboration and real networking among participants in the course.
- To share experiences of local collaboration and national projects from different organizations in order to be more effective in our proposal.
- To improve English fluency –official language of the course–.

Thanks to this course the participants will:
- Improve their practical skills related to the preservation of local heritage.
- Meet very interesting teachers and acquire great knowledge about other local cultures.
- Learn how they should work with students, families and local administration in order to create a common objective.
- Make contacts with new partners interested in developing Local European Preservation Projects.

By the end of the course, each participant should be able to:
- Pass from the idea of the local action to write a proposal in order to do it.
- Embrace the concept of working together and following simple guidelines.
- Motivate their students in nature and culture preservation.
- Think globally and act locally.

The course’s trainers usually welcome participants on Sunday afternoon and give them all the course material. The main training activities, instruction and practices will take place from Monday to Friday. On another note, participants will be involved in cultural activities held by PMS ERASMUS PLUS during afternoon time, most likely on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Moreover, on Thursday morning all participants will be able to explain their own school and KA1 project to the rest of participants and work all together to set up future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. After that, all of them will have the possibility to enjoy an optional activity to deepen in the searching of new partners, enjoying a great day full of motivating and funny activities. Finally, there will be a course’ roundup and a final evaluation on Saturday morning and the delivery of the certificates of attendance.

Please find below the standard indicative daily programme:

- Meeting and greeting.
- Individual orientation and information about the venue and the city.
- Reception of all course material.
- Brief presentation of the course and its target by the end of the week.
- How to write and adapt a travel journey to prevent the local heritage.

12 hours tour: Walk along the black sand beach to explore the basalt columns, get up close to feel the mist of the majestic waterfalls and breathe in the fresh, icy air from the surrounding glaciers. This ice cave tour takes you inside Langjokull glacier to experience one of the most amazing ice caves in Iceland. Seeing the glacier from the inside is a unique experience. The network underground is composed of an extensive system of tunnels and chambers that stretch several hundred meters into the solid ice cap towards a breathtaking natural ice cave at the heart of the glacier.

• Take the rare opportunity to walk behind the stunning Seljalandsfoss.
• Climb up alongside the astonishing Skogafoss to feel it’s raw power.
• Admire the striking basalt columns and towering sea stacks as you stroll along the supernatural black sand of Reynisfjara beach.
• Visit the quaint beachside town of Vík.
• Behold the mighty glaciers and dormant volcanos that have made Iceland world famous.

=> This is the best place for learning about the Nature and Science -even volcanoes- in Iceland.

• Tour Itinerary
Embark on a journey down the infamous southern coast of Iceland through the country’s lush farmlands, majestic mountains, glaciers and volcanoes, with the interior on one side and vast Atlantic ocean views on the other. Once you have departed the city centre with your personal Iceland Tour Expert, you will notice that the landscape quickly changes and the variety of unique natural phenomenon that you can spot is abundant.

Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes
Originating from glacier meltwater from the infamous Eyjafjallajökull glacier, the Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a captivating sight to behold. Luckily, you can take it all in by walking around and behind it along the paths. The staircase and paths around Skógafoss waterfall offer a similar personal experience where you can climb alongside the cascading falls.

Mystic beach
Outside of the charming beach town of Vík, you will have the opportunity to admire the mighty ocean waves crashing onto the black sand beach and the tall sea stacks of Reynisdrangar piercing out of the sea, or climb the Reynisdrangar basalt rock formation.

Making memories
Loaded with interesting facts and captivating tales about your incredible surroundings, your knowledgeable Iceland Tour Expert will fill your imagination and bring the astonishing landmarks to life. The pictures you take on your private tour of South Iceland will become all the richer with the memories and stories behind them.

A written description is nothing compared to the lived experience.

4-5 hours. Inside the volcano tour, it literally takes you inside a dormant volcano, through the top crater and to the bottom of its magma chamber that once was filled with red-hot molten lava. Iceland is one of the few places in the world where you can enter a volcano's magma chamber.

• Descending into the heart of a volcano.
• Exploring the colossal magma chamber.
• Amazing colours in hues of red, yellow and purple.
• Learning about volcanoes and volcanic activity.

• Tour Itinerary
Located in an ancient lava field near Reykjavik, the unique Thrihnukagigur volcano is one of just a handful of places in the world where you can literally descend into the heart of a volcano and explore its gigantic magma chamber.

Following a volcanic eruption, magma chambers usually collapse, but in Thrihnukagigur, the lava drained out like water from a pipe leaving the volcano's plumbing system empty. For this reason, Thrihnukagigur crater is one of few places in the world where you can enter a volcano and explore its magma chamber.

Inside the volcano tour literally takes you into the volcano, through the top crater and right to the bottom of its magma chamber where molten magma flowed during an eruption 4.000-years ago. The Thrihnukagigur volcano is reached via an hour-long walk and entered by way of an open cable lift, a descent of 120 metres. Inside the volcano, the ground space is equivalent to around three basketball courts, and the centre cavity could easily fit the Statue of Liberty.

- Optional Cultural activity in the afternoon: visit the Blue Lagoon Spa. We will visit the Blue Lagoon Spa, included in World's 100 Greatest Places by TIME Magazine, just to relax in hot and natural water. The cost of the entrance is included in the total price of the optional cultural package. We will meet us after lunch in Reykjavík, enjoying 3 hours relaxing at the Blue Lagoon.

12 hours tour: Journey across striking landscapes on Snæfellsnes peninsula and experience the stunning natural beauty and breathtaking imagery. Marvel at the magnificence of Snæfellsjökull volcano, spot seals and a myriad of sea birds along the coast, and discover the rich heritage and fascinating history of this mesmerizing area.

• Journey across striking landscapes on Snæfellsnes península.
• The magnificence of Snæfellsjökull volcano.
• The idyllic fishing village of Arnarstapi.
• The tranquil, black-pebbled beach of Djúpalónssandur.
• Grundarfjörður and the picturesque Kirkjufell mountain.
• Spotting seal and a myriad of sea birds.
• A rich heritage and fascinating history.

=> Snaefellsnes peninsula is the best place to know about Icelandic history and folklore, such as elves and trolls.

• Tour Itinerary
This tour takes you west from Reykjavik on a scenic route to Borgarfjörður and the village of Borgarnes where a short stop will be made for refreshments.

Shortly after entering Snæfellsnes peninsula, by Ytri-Tunga Farm you'll get a chance to spot local wildlife at the beach which is home to a seal colony and variety of sea birds.

Next up is a visit to the idyllic Arnarstapi village where you‘ll take a walk to view the extraordinary landscape along the precipitous shoreline and where a break will be made for lunch. After lunch, the tour continues to Djúpalónssandur, a tranquil, black-pebbled beach that offers beautiful views out to the sea and fascinating history that lies in the Snæfellsjökull National Park, close to where Jules Verne located his entrance for the “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”.

Leaving Djúpalónssandur you‘ll travel past striking landscapes to the north coast of Snæfellsnes peninsula to Grundarfjordur fishing village. Surrounded by exceptionally beautiful mountains Grundarfjörður is home to one of the peninsula‘s most iconic and photographed landmarks, the symmetrical mountain Kirkjufell that towers 1500 ft. up from the shoreline.

Out of Grundarfjörður, the route lies across Berserkjahraun lava fields that according to Viking legends was where two Swedish "Berserks" forged Iceland‘s first road and over to the south side of the peninsula through Vatnaleið pass.

- Networking activity: Presentation of your own school and your KA1 PROJECT: 5W's. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company.
- Networking activity: Guided session to find your best partner for a future JOB SHADOWING and/or KA229 PROJECT.

- Optional Cultural activity in the afternoon: ‘Golden Circle and Game of Thrones tour’. Lasting 8-9 hours, the tour takes you on a wondrous circular journey through the heart of Iceland’s Southern Region, stopping at some of Iceland’s most iconic sites. We will enjoy the ‘Golden Circle and Game of Thrones’ Tour visiting Geysir Geothermal Area – Gulfoss Waterfall – Eurasian and North American tectonic plate boundaries in Thingvellir National Park. Moreover, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan in Iceland, you’d not want to miss a visit to some of the show’s most famous filming locations. Since season 2, Icelandic landscapes and natural features have become hallmarks of the show’s breathtaking backdrops, including waterfalls, rift valleys, medieval villages, and most scenes North of the Wall. If you are not a fan, you’ll enjoy the stunning scenarios of the island.

=> This is an amazing tour to learn about the history and geology of Iceland.

Lasting 8-9 hours, the ‘Golden Circle and Game of Thrones’ Tour takes you on a wondrous circular journey through the heart of Iceland’s Southern Region, stopping at some of Iceland’s most iconic sites. You will visit historical places of Iceland, same as incredible Icelandic nature, everything in one day. The Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal area and Gullfoss Waterfall have their own stories to tell.

Highlights of ‘Game of Thrones’:
• Passing through the Bloody Gate
• Following the paths of Sansa and Arya Stark
• Reliving the Wildlings’ invasion south of the Wall
• Exploring other un-known places of filming
• Behind-the-scenes stories with our guide

The Optional Cultural package, that includes Tuesday and Thursday afternoon trips, will offer you unforgettable and stunning views of Iceland and will cost you 180€, including the entrance to Blue Lagoon.

You will have the chance to visit The Pearl, which is a must-visit for everyone, not only for the world-class museum but also for its incredible architecture and panoramic views over Reykjavík. The Pearl is the Number 1 attraction in Reykjavík, a Nature Exploratorium of the Wonders of Iceland where you can enjoy the Northern Lights Planetarium show. After that, you’ll have personal time to deepen in the travel journals of the week and adapt it by each teacher to their local conditions of their countries.

- Course evaluation.
- Presentation of participants’ works.
- Releasing of official course certifications.
- Participants departure.

LEGENDS AND CULTURE: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY course will attend sessions during 2021, 2022 and 2023 in following dates:

- From Sunday 18th July to Saturday 24th.
- From Sunday 22nd August to Saturday 28th.
- From Sunday 10th October to Saturday 16th.

- From Sunday 24th April to Saturday 30th.
- From Sunday 17th July to Saturday 23rd.
- From Sunday 21st August to Saturday 27th.
- From Sunday 10th April to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 10th July to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 9th October to Saturday 15th.

- From Sunday 23rd April to Saturday 29th.
- From Sunday 16th July to Saturday 22nd.
- From Sunday 20th August to Saturday 26th.
- From Sunday 2nd April to Saturday 8th.
- From Sunday 9th July to Saturday 15th.
- From Sunday 8th October to Saturday 14th.

The cost of the seven day course is 490€, including course fee, certification and support fee, cultural and sport activities in the city and organizational cost for educational visit schools. The company offers an Optional cultural package to deepen the relationship between all participants.

LEGENDS AND CULTURE: THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus + to teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations. Furthermore trainers can help in Key Action 1 Application to ensure that participants can get the grant and could be eligible to receive an Erasmus + grant that covers all the costs of the course.

The company will develop during the SUMMER and the EASTER GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS, where all participants of training courses participate together in cultural and funny activities. Those GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS will involve participants from all courses of the company. Every participant of each training course will have the opportunity to spend some funny time and to meet more people than in another simple course. All courses of the company include some cultural, sport and historical networking activities during the week. Activities will involve participants from other courses of the company in order to create a great environment and to find the perfect partner for future projects in common. Networking activities are designed to deepen the relationship between all participants. Moreover, in all editions we’re going to run different Erasmus + courses at the same time, just giving you different options to come with other colleagues from the same school and to enjoy together in free and optional activities that our company offers during the week.

Specifically speaking, participants are invited to spend a great networking day on Thursday in some relevant place of the city. During the morning time we’ll meet all participants together for a networking session where you’ll be able to briefly explain your own school and your KA1 project and be able to find suitable partners for future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. In order to do that you should bring with you a presentation of your own KA1 Erasmus + Project. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to discover the culture of the country you’re visiting thanks to a great optional culture runned during afternoon time. This activity day will connect participants of different courses to match perfect partners for future relationships in European Projects. Furthermore, at the end of the week, all actors of the different courses will be asked to participate in a lunch in some special place in the city.

We aim to get an effective follow-up to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited with European tools like eTwinning and other different ways of connection, such as e-mail, individual Skype calls, phone, WhatsApp or Facebook Group. Furthermore PMS ERASMUS PLUS will upload documents, videos and photos of the course on icloud, Dropbox or Google drive and will encourage all participants to share their own creation to have the maximum information in common benefits. In addition, those pictures and videos of the training course can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.

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