ERASMUS+: Digital Storytelling (GR)

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The course aims to introduce educators to digital storytelling and explore the ways in which it can help to foster critical and interpretive thinking. The course will cover the key elements of digital storytelling as well as provide a hands-on opportunity for participants to create their own digital stories. They will practice the necessary skills in order to be able to effectively use the gained knowledge and tools with their students.

Specific objectives of the seminar are:
• Raise awareness of technological development in teaching and learning
• Enhance participant’s critical understandings of storytelling, meaning making and all aspects of production
• Enhance participant’s ability to identify the key ingredients involved in building compelling and meaningful stories
• Enhance participant’s ability to structure and design effective narratives: style, genre and digital films
• Enhance participants skills on filmmaking techniques: sound, lighting, framing, interviewing
• Enhance participant’s ability to produce digital story including editing and online distribution

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DOREA Educational Institute
Athens, Greece

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DOREA Educational Institute
DOREA Educational Institute
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