Erasmus+: Team Work as a Means for Enhancing Productivity (CY)

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Delegates will be shown how they can best appreciate the other team members and coach them to develop the skills they have in order to create a confident, relaxed and constructive team. Experiential and group exercises demonstrate how to bring teams closer together by making communication more clear and direct.

The course aims at equipping those involved in education in tools that will enhance their teamwork capacity (as members of a team as well as team leaders). Having learnt those skills they will be able to facilitate
teamwork in their class as well as with their colleagues.

Specific objectives of the course are:
• Advance understanding of essential elements of effective team work
• Develop in the participants understanding of how their inner state impacts their functioning in a team
and provide techniques for effective inner state management
• Enhance understanding of learning and development opportunities provided by being part of a team
• Enhance ability to utilize the learning opportunities provided by team work
• Raise understanding of group dynamics
• Provide the opportunity to observe and analyse group dynamics
• Raise understanding of different roles in group
• Improve the ability to facilitate group process
• Develop the skill of creating a supportive environment that fosters teamwork
• Raise understanding of the communication process in the group and develop better communication skills
• Engage the participants in the process of creating guidelines for effective team-work
• Increase the participants’ awareness of their own behaviour in team
• Increase awareness of own strong points and areas of development
• Increase ability to support individuals who face difficulties in being part of a team
• Enhance the skill of giving and receiving feedback
• Allow the participants to meet colleagues from different countries, exchange experiences and build

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DOREA Educational Institute
Limassol, Cyprus

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DOREA Educational Institute
DOREA Educational Institute
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