Heading for sustainable development. An example in actιon.

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Key content:
Mediterranean nature and outdoor actions, experiences and practices
Experientially based learning and sensorial training,
Outdoor teaching methods for teachers and mentors,
Environmental program for sustainable development,
Workshops on new concepts about Environment,
Related videos and practical exercise to reproduce,
Wide retrospective of the course using environmental education methods,
Activity plan to bring home where environmental education can be put into practise,
to visit organizations involved in environmental protection or education.


The course is thematic and interdisciplinary with a few number of lectures but mostly with workshops in groups, activities for learning and experiencing methods as well as experiences of teaching in the environment. This is combined with exercises and actions in two perspectives, the teaching and the learning process. The course is carried out indoor and outdoor, using the landscape as well as the surroundings. Structured in frontal lessons with some exercises and use of new technologies as videos and multimedia systems.

Course organiser
VOLOS , Greece

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25.10.2021 > 29.10.2021 (Confirmed)
30.05.2022 > 03.05.2022