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The course is thematic and interdisciplinary with a few number of lectures but mostly with workshops in groups, activities for learning and experiencing methods as well as experiences of teaching outdoor. This is combined with exercises and actions in two perspectives, the teaching and the learning process. The course is carried out, indoor and outdoor, using the landscape as well as the surroundings for example tracks, beach etc.
The objectives of the course is
• Learn about the proper dietary patterns in order to help the students to follow the proper nutrition.
• How to convince the students to avoid diets that ‘enclose dangers’ concerning the health.
• Learn how to combine exercise, with Mediterranean nutrition.
• Realise the differences between Mediterranean pyramid and other patterns for example the western one or the Asiatic pyramid.
• Learn how to use tools in order to understand health and social problems of obesity or eating disorders.
• Obesity and childhood.
• Ways to solve obesity problems but also problems with anorexia and eating disorders.
• Why is exercise important for a school program.
• Different eating patterns.
• Mediterranean diet.

Learning outcomes
• Attractive programmes for students
• Improved practises to actively young people
• Increased motivation and satisfaction in their daily work

Course organiser
Volos, Greece

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