Designing for collaborative learning and internationalisation initiatives

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Target Groups
This course has been designed for teachers in primary, secondary, vocational and adult education interested in using technology to promote collaborative learning and running and/or supporting) international telecollaborative learning projects.

Course Aims
The aim of the course is to promote participants’ professionalism in using, adapting and designing (project) tasks for collaborative learning in the classroom and internationally involving the practice of pairing students or groups of students to other learners (or native speakers) using video conferencing and other collaborative and social ICT tools for learning while increasing students’ language and cultural proficiency. In this course you will learn about the companion methodology and instructional approaches to make school (virtual) exchanges successful and develop related teacher competences including:
​- organizing and mentoring telecollaborative learning activities with the help of educational technologies (e-Twinning)
– supporting international projects in the school run by colleague teachers of other subjects.

For more details including the day-to-day programme see the full course description at the course website.

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Valencia, Spain

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