From Distance to Blended Learning Digital Competencies: Developing your Digital Instruction from top to bottom

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Teaching in 2020 requires new tools and skills from both sides, where the learning is student-centered, current, and where students are co-constructors of knowledge, while teachers are moderators and observers. To get closer to the digital natives (students born in the era of technological growth) the educators must develop various digital competences. To achieve that, the use of technology has to be demystified, and teachers have to be motivated to develop their eclectic digital skillset. The program focuses on automatizing certain processes of the educational system and avoiding burn-out by having time for what matters the most: teaching. Less is more, and one ring (digital tool) can rule them all. At the same time, all the technology in the world will never replace a teacher, and it can be ineffective, or even negative if not used meaningfully.

This course shows how can inspiring teachers integrate digital tools and various 21st-century skills such as creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and last but not least, digital literacy and digital citizenship of both students and teachers.

The main goal of the course is to help teachers enhance their 21st-century skills by redefining their instruction to fit the 21st-century classroom. Distance learning is a teaching innovation, and it has multiple benefits when developed properly. The participants of the course will be able to develop distance learning materials which can also be used in the blended learning classroom, where a part of the instruction is happening face to face, and a part is happening online to improve efficiency.

Throughout the course, participants will get familiar with the fundamental concepts of distance learning and blended learning and its significance in contemporary education. They will learn how to use various LMS (Learning Management Systems). Participants will create content, develop their distance and blended learning classrooms, and feel empowered to implement digital tools in their everyday instruction.

Introductory meeting
Selecting the right learning management system platform for your class and developing your classroom
Content creation - video, worksheets, interactive presentations and games
Online and face-to-face lesson interactivity + synchronous lesson apps
Assessing your students via the integrated tools on the selected LMS platform + additional gamified ways to assess your students
Special modules day: 3 separate workshops designated to teachers' teaching context
Conclusion of the program, networking, developing summaries and instructional videos for their institutions. Final evaluation of the process.

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Primera Group
Zagreb, Croatia

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Primera Group
Primera Group
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