Prevention of Teachers' Professional Burnout as a Way to Improve the Quality of Education

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This KA1 Erasmus+ training course provides an opportunity to consider the importance of three levels of prevention interventions: (a) Primary prevention, where the goal is to reduce the incidence of new cases of a disorder, (b) Secondary prevention, where the goal is early identification and treatment of symptoms before they turn into a full-blown disorder, and (c) Tertiary prevention, where persons who have recently suffered a disorder receive some type of intervention to prevent relapse. Such preventative interventions may either be done at the organizational level, with changes in the school environment, or at the individual level, in which the goal is to strengthen teachers' resources for resisting stress. In this context, the training course will help participating teachers to acquire a knowledge about what BURNOUT SYDROME is, and to learn effective strategies about its prevention, recognition, and also best on coping with such problem in their educational practice.
The course is structured in modules, designed to demonstrate the participants how to recognize the BURNOUT SYDROME symptoms, and aiming at its prevention to develop soft skills and increase competency, efficiency in professional development and education framework. Each module will be content current theories based on research and evidence based practice. The coursework contains mostly practical, hands-on activities in addition to inspiring discussions on how to best work to avoid appearing of BURNOUT SYDROME in teacher’s practice.
The methodological approach involves:

• Group Discussions;
• Questioning;
• Problem-Solving Activities;
• Brainstorming;
• Audio-Visual Presentations;
• Preventive Methods from Psychophysical Burnout;
• Role-Playing;
• Reflective Inquiry;
• Small Group Work;
• Debates/ Buzz Sessions;
• Creative and Collaborative Activities

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Oslo, Norway

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Motivated Learning for Everyone
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