Building better mental health and well-being

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7-DAY COURSE (490€)

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Erasmus courses Croatia

Good mental health and wellbeing are essential to living happy and healthy lives. This course has been created upon noticing the huge amount of stress teachers are dealing
with on daily basis. This is why we aim on helping you with improving the quality of your life and teaching you that simple changes can make a big difference.

We are going to help you realize your abilities and strengths, teach you how to cope with the
normal stresses of life, how to work productively and, finally, how to relax and de-stress. Most of the classes are held outside, by the sea, next to the river, in the nature, where we practice
mindfulness, support each other and explain why one might be feeling the way they are
feeling. Participants are going to learn about how to lead a happier, more fulfilled life as well as how to release the tension and stress to focus on beauty you already have in your life.

Join us in Croatia’s beautiful city of Split, connect with your colleagues from all over Europe and explore the Mediterranean at its finest!

Erasmus courses Croatia


• Learning how to efficiently work on one's mental health and well-being
• Raising awareness on the importance of handling stress and dealing with stressors, as well as avoiding and preventing burnout
• Being equipped with powerful tools and exercises that will help you relax and distress in the future
• Learning how to unwind with mindful meditation – mindfulness
• Gaining benefits from learning deep relaxation yoga exercises
• Practicing creative ways in dealing with stress in the classroom
• Gaining knowledge on how to create a stress free environment through learning about effects of art therapy
• Recognising what triggers stress and finding out how stress influences teaching and learning ability
• Acquiring knowledge on how to help students face the stress

Erasmus courses Croatia


Our Social Programme is a perfect way to experience southern part of Croatia, get to know other participants from EU countries and make wonderful memories before going back home. With both summer and winter season guided tours, our Social Programme will make you want to come back to Croatia!

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Erasmus courses Croatia

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Split, Croatia

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'Building better mental health and wellbeing' was amazing course with so nice colleques and expert course leaders. I really got deep connection with others and we made different kind of exersices ( yoga, mindfullness, strong and deep trust conversations, meditation, brain gym, acting. etc) There was taken care of both sides: how to use different exercises with students but also in teaching and in personal life. Maybe sounds qrazy, but I think I came home as a new person and Iḿ happy about it. The course provider seemed to be very professional. It didn´t bother, even they didn't have so big and modern teachingclasses I have used to. The subject and subtance was the thing. The group was enough small to get a good connection and course was planned clever, so we also met other members of different course during week in some particular common lessons or in freetime. Meeting other countries collaques and learning from there was also one of the best part of course. And I hope that I could also have given them some things from my country and profession. I got everything I was told and much more. I couldn´t be more grateful of this opportunity.

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I found the course really adapted to the goals i had in mind. The structure, communication and flexibility towards our needs were fantastic. The teachers were great and I could share experiences and opinions with fellow teachers from other countries and Education levels. Apart from the activities and workshops taken, i could get a wider view of Education around Europe and become aware of the similarities we all share and the slight differences we come across within our proffession.

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Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Erasmus+ Courses Croatia
Rating: 5/538 users


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