Using E-Learning Platforms

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Day 1 - Situations that require e-education, definition and characteristics of e-education, why e-education

Day 2 - Necessary equipment for e-education, required teacher and student qualifications

Day3 - Remote connection to student computer with Alpemix, Teamviewer, Ammyy programs, remote file transfer, establishment of e-education and conference programs with remote connection

Day 4- Making the necessary registration for the conference conference program, choosing the plan, starting the conference, inviting the participants to the started conference and managing the conference

Day 5 - Creating teleconferences with Xroom application, using Xroom in Windows, Linux, IOS and Android operating systems

Day 6 - What is Adobe Captivate? What does it do? Captivate setup, review of sample project, interface, slaty layout and themes

Day 7- Working with Captivate Objects (Pictures, objects, timing, shapes, click fields, characters)

Day 8 - Add button, audio, graphic, animation and video, Captivate recording, Question Slide, learning interactions, import presentations

Day 9 - Publish - Export and publish settings, Add encrypted login to the project, share the project via youtube

Day 10- Individual project workshop, review of training and presentation of applications

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