Inclusive Education and Integration of Immigrant Children in Schools

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Day 1 - Specific Problems and Strategies for Immigrants in European Countries, Intercultural Education

Day 2 - Inclusive Approaches to Promote Tolerance and Diversity, Overcoming Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination

Day 3 - Approach to the Parents of the Immigrant Children, Effective Integration to the New Environment

Day 4 - Different Teaching Methods for Students' Active Participation, Self Confidence

Day 5 - Assessment in Mixed Skill Classes, Games for Multicultural Classes

Day 6 - Design of Multicultural Projects, Difficulties faced by culturally diverse and mixed talent classes

Day 7 - Different instructions for personal bending styles, Gardner's multiple intelligence, Mixed ability and Special need students

Day 8 - Developing reading and writing skills in culturally diverse and mixed talent classes, Developing effective communication skills

Day 9 - Adapting instructional materials, designing multicultural projects, evaluating student's skills

Day 10 - Using ICT to increase cultural awareness, Individual Project Workshop

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Euro Learning Academy
Berlin, Germany

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Euro Learning Academy
Euro Learning Academy
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