EU Institutions: Learn, Organize and Run Simulations

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If you follow this course you will learn about five of the most important European institutions and their role in the European Union:
The European Parliament
The European Commission
The European Court of Justice
The Council of the European Union
The European Council
You will also learn, how you can organize and implement a simulation of these Institutions

In order to succeed and earn the badge for this course, you have to score at least 20 points. The whole course consists of five quizzes (five points each) and one Simulation activity ( 5 points)
There is no time limitation


This course is partially funded by Erasmus+ Programme EUSID and is developed by the Experimental Senior High School of University of Crete of Rethymnon and its Pedagogical team in co-operation with the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs. Material issued is mainly taken from official European union page: and Wikipedia

Course organiser
Πειραματικό Γενικό Λύκειο Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης Ρέθυμνο / Experimental Senior High School of University of Crete Rethymnon
Rethymnon, Greece

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