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Main Objectives

Understanding international tourism as an interdisciplinary phenomenon, as well as the impact on communities around the world.
Obtaining cross – cultural competences.
Recognizing the need for sustainable tourism development .
Gaining in-depth knowledge about a specific international tourism destination posibilities.

Description of the course:
This course aims to deliver a whole new perspective on tourism apart from the conventional view and description of the industry. New approaches on how one can discover new environment by introducing participants to Creative Tourism, Educational Tourism, Local Environmental practices and Cross -Cultural competences through one week of experiencing the paradise of Tenerife, the Canary islands.
The course is based on the professional experience of the manager of a company, which has been working in the area of tourism in Tenerife and in the whole Europe for more than 20 years.
The island of Tenerife is not only one of the top destinations, but it is a location tied around the industry of tourism in its many forms. The course will show tourism in its untraditional ways and present different angles on one of the world’s most driving industries.

Learning Outcomes
● Discover how travel can be a strong resource to integrate the objectives of your school into the right travel experience.
● Get acquainted with various sides of the tourism industry, which to be used in the classroom as a learning material
● Learn through experiencing directly on the spot the specifications of the tourism in Tenerife.
● Become aware of the cross – cultural patterns in the educational and working side of tourism and how they play a role.
● Learning about different possibilities of sustainable tourism in Tenerife

Target group
● Erasmus Plus Project Managers
● Teachers, adult learners and school leaders from vocational and non-vocational schools
● Mentors and youth counsellors from NGOs working with Youth Centres .

● Activities: all courses include at least one guided tour and one full-day excursion (usually on Saturday). This means, 2 days of classes and 2 days of outdoor activities.
● Certificate: we provide a Certificate of Attendance if 85% of the lessons will be attended as well a Europass certificate.
● Lessons: classes take place in the Morning (9:00 – 13:00).

Course organiser
Tenerife Job Training S.L.
Tenerife, Spain

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Upcoming sessions

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Tenerife Job Training S.L.
Tenerife Job Training S.L.
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