Tackling bullying and cyberbullying at school

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The main objective of the proposed training course is to develop skills for dealing with bullying and the recent and particularly worrying phenomena of cyberbullying. The course aims at providing strategies to manage effective interventions in different school contexts.
The training provides the necessary skills to:
-learn the general aspects about these issues, specifically in the complex Italian context, but we will be able to take a look at the European contexts too;
-focus on the differences between bullying and cyberbullying and their effects in school context;
-train with the most effective interventions and practice exercises;
-promote personal problem solving abilities on specific situations;
-promote group working skills and project works.

Target groups
The “Tackling bullying and cyberbullying at school” training course is addressed to headmasters, school inspectors, teachers, VET teachers and trainers, educators in different school levels who wish to acquire the skills for implementing new strategies at school level for dealing with bullying and cyberbullying situations.

The Trainers
The Trainer is an educational psychologist with hands-on experience in school interventions about bullying and cyberbullying.

Language of the course: English

Day 1 
General aspects of bullying and cyberbullying situations.
Learn about the most important and useful aspects in order to understand the complex Italian context, starting with the analysis of the school situations and the recent law that identifies these specific topics. Take a look at the European contexts and have a discussion from different points of view to build a common knowledge about these topics and a common language.

Day 2 
The most effective interventions
How to recognize the most effective interventions by doing group practice exercises. Some examples of interventions: 1) promote awareness in classroom 2) strengthen emotional, social and relationship skills and so on.

Day 3 
Models of peer support and conflict mediation
How to implement models of peer support and conflict mediation in school and practice in group works.
Draw from practical work useful indications for group working skills.

Day 4 
Problem solving abilities on specific SEN situations.
Training to practice problem solving abilities on specific bullying situations, starting from the recognition of situation up to the choice of specific interventions.

Day 5 
Visit to a school participating in a European project or Institutions or Associations active in EU projects and in the Educational field. Networking moments to establish new partnerships. Meeting with teachers and students.

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Course organiser
Euphoria Net s.r.l.
Rome, Italy

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