Non-formal education at school. In&Outdoor methods and tools to empower students key competences, participation and learning - Netherlands

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1. Understanding non-formal education principles, within the context of cooperative learning, blended learning and flipped classroom
2. Acquiring effective and best practice methods and tools
3. Checking how to transfer non-formal education to formal contexts in order to foster key competences, participation and learning of students
4. Familiarise with principles, powerful techniques, tips and tools on how to plan and implement an innovative educational curriculum

Day 1: Welcome
- Presentation of the course and participants
- Brainstorming and team building
- Key competences and skills for the 21st Century: an interactive introduction
- Cooperative learning, blended learning and flipped classroom in Europe: features, values and best practices

Day 2
- Multimedia, ICT and web tools for non-formal learning: overview and practical workshop for the creation of video-lessons, digital learning contents, blended lessons and more

Day 3-Day 4
- Practical workshops of outdoor and indoor non-formal methods and tools covering different topics and fostering several competences: energizers and team-building, theatre, storytelling and video-making, role-playing, simulation and team games, environmental education tools, interactive workshops, etc
- Non-formal education methods and Erasmus+: overview and best practices

Day 5: A new beginning
- Visit to a local school involved in these topics and brainstorming with its relevant staff (upon availability)
- Cultural visit of the city centre, celebrating the “European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018”
- Planning the follow up: future projects together
- Course evaluation
- Releasing of official course certifications.

• 27-31 July, Marcellinara (IT)
• 2-6 August, Valletta (MT)
• 3-7 September, Tropea (IT)
• 10-14 September, Helsinki (FI)
• 19-23 September, Tropea (IT)
• 24-28 September, Rome (IT)
• 29 September - 3 October, London (UK)
• 8-12 October, Berlin (DE)
• 13-17 October, Brussels (BE)
• 29 October – 2 November, Utrecht (NL)
• 5-9 November, Milan (IT)
• 12-16 November, Madrid (ES)
• 27 November – 1 December, Rome (IT)
• 2-6 December, Brussels (IT)
• 12-16 December, Marcellinara (IT)
2019, first semester (second semester to be announced):
• 08-12 January, Rome (IT)
• 13-17 January, Berlin (DE)
• 21-25 January, Marcellinara (IT)
• 28 January-1 February, London (UK)
• 03-07 February, Milan (IT)
• 19-23 February, Barcelona (ES)
• 14-18 March, Brussels (BE)
• 19-23 March, Rome (IT)
• 26-30 March, Marcellinara (IT)
• 9-13 April, Milan (IT). N.B.: same dates of the Design Week!
• 23-27 April, Utrecht (NL). N.B.: 26-27 April is King’s Day!
• 29 April-03 May, Naples (IT)
• 06-10 May, Tropea (IT)
• 16-20 May, Brussels (BE)
• 21-25 May, Brighton (UK)
• 03-07 June, Badolato (IT)
• 19-23 June, Rome (IT)
• 25-30 June-04 July, Helsinki (FI)
• 8-12 July, Tropea (IT)
• 17-21 July, Malta
• 23-27 July, Matera (IT) N.B. Matera is the European Capital of Culture 2019!
• to be continued…

Based on formal, informal and non-formal education, our methodology will try to stimulate active participation, pro-activity, responsibility and sharing of all participants involved. In this way, we aim to build a diverse and stimulating environment for reflecting, working and learning. It has a horizontal and practical approach and will make use of the following tools:
• face-to-face lessons
• team-building and team-working
• best practice case-studies
• multimedia and web resources
• project based working
• practical laboratory
• brainstorming and focus-group
• role-play
• self and group assessment and evaluation.

After the confirmation and before starting, we check the previous knowledge and experience of participants, as well as their specific needs related to the topics of our training course. In addition, we will provide some documents and learning contents of our “Library of Methods & Tools” in order to start getting involved in topics and subjects that will be taught.

All participants are expected to maintain access and communication with the rest of their colleagues as well as with the trainer and participate in useful discussions either through the virtual classroom platform and via e-mail. Trainers and company will also be available for any further questions for a period of 5 months after the end of the course, either through e-mail, virtual classroom platform, individual Skype calls, telephone or WhatsApp. By means of all these tools, we aim to get an effective follow-up, to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited time.

The entire training catalogue is supported by an international team of experts in project management of European projects. The coordinator and main trainer of the event is Alessandro Gariano: founder and manager of Enjoy Italy, active in education and training as well as local development and destination management; trainer of teachers and for educational organisations (110+ in-services trainings provided, 900+ trainees); youth trainer in the context of non-formal education; project designer, project manager and expert of EU Programmes.

Enjoy Italy is a small company aiming to animate, stimulate and support the sustainable development of citizens, territories and communities. Either in Italy and Europe. It has been founded by a dynamic and passionate young professional on few but solid values: responsibility, identity, inclusion, sharing, lifelong learning, civic awareness and sustainability. And a vivid passion for its land.

Two are the specific areas of its action:
- Education & Training: provision of tools and opportunities for a personal, social, cultural and professional growth. For responsible citizens and communities. It provided 110+ in-service trainings to 900+ teachers and professionals and, in addition, 20+ trainings to 500+ trainees in the context of non-formal education.
- Local Development & Destination Management and: assistance to public and private entities in developing vision and goals, providing advice and services during the entire life cycle of a project. For sustainable destinations.

The company has got some relevant experience in the design and management of different projects within several EU Programmes and Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 in particular, as well as in the education and training field, both at national and international level.

Each daily session includes:
• class/lecture/laboratory/workshop
• individual counselling
• daily evaluation

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded with a certificate of attendance, while the Europass Mobility Certificate will be issued upon request of the sending organisation.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us (check here under). We will be delighted to find out the best solution for you. Together.

Course organiser
Utrecht, Netherlands

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Attended 23.06.2018 - 27.06.2018

I have to tell you, first of all and again, that i had a great time! I believe that you are a great teacher: you knew what you were talking about, you are very friendly and makes us feel comfortable and confident. The digital stuff was very interesting. I have to tell you that i used the "outdoor game" we have played in Utrecht with smartphones in my village. Generally, i think that the course was very interesting and the bigger advantage it was you because of your ability to be a trainer: kind, smiling, contagious, supportive. Thank you!

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Attended 23.06.2018 - 27.06.2018

Dear Alessandro, Thank you for the training course , I enjoyed it . A lot of information in 5 days . Now I have to work and try everything before I do it in front of the pupils. It was also very interesting to meet the colleagues from so many nationalies.

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Attended 22.04.2018 - 26.04.2018

Este curso foi muito positivo e benéfico pois forneceu-me novas ideias e materiais diversos para utilizar na minha prática letiva. Tive a oportunidade de partilhar os meus conhecimentos e de conhecer novas realidades educativas bem como novas metodologias de ensino. Os assuntos tratados revelaram coerência e qualidade, pois foram ao encontro do trabalho que realizo com os meus alunos em sala de aula e é bom aprender sempre mais. Existiu sempre um grande trabalho de equipa e interajuda entre todos os participantes e o formador. As ferramentas utilizadas e os métodos aplicados eram, em parte, desconhecidos para mim, mas considero que irão ser uma mais-valia no meu desempenho docente e na motivação da aprendizagem dos alunos. As ferramentas/métodos (edmondo; padlet; bookcreator; flipped; tes teach; contar histórias, entre outros...) são estratégias pedagógicas que fomentam a aprendizagem colaborativa; a interação positiva na sala de aulas; a flexibilidade cognitiva e de autoaprendizagem; a motivação docente e do aluno; a resolução de problemas e a interajuda/espírito de partilha e as boas práticas educativas. Considero que tudo isto que nos foi apresentado no curso, tentarei pôr em prática no meu dia-a-dia com os alunos. Todos os conteúdos foram explicados com clareza e eficácia, mas penso que teria sido importante ter existido mais tempo para explorar as ferramentas acima citadas (eu sei que o meu curso não era TIC, mas gosto de aprender sempre um pouco mais). Em termos de organização, o horário foi adequado, pois deu tempo para aprender os temas do curso e, simultaneamente, para visitar alguns locais típicos da Holanda. Quero agradecer por esta experiência única. Relativamente ao espaço físico onde decorreu o curso, penso que se tornou um pouco pequeno quando o grupo esteve todo junto. Eramos muitos. No entanto, foi um espaço acolhedor e as pessoas que lá trabalhavam eram muito simpáticas e prestáveis. No que se refere á comunicação/interação com o formador, considero que foi boa. De inicio senti-me intimidada com tantos participantes e ter de comunicar em inglês com todos e com o formador. Sou um pouco tímida quando não conheço as pessoas. Aos poucos percebi que todos eram bastante amigáveis e consegui ultrapassar as minhas inibições. O formador ajudou-me bastante em todo o curso, começou a perceber as minhas preferências (flores) e estava, sempre, atento às minhas dificuldades. Foi um formador que transmitia os conteúdos com eficácia e esclarecia as dúvidas sempre que alguém necessitava. Penso que foi muito importante ele conseguir estabelecer um espírito de colaboração, interajuda e diálogo entre pessoas de vários pontos do mundo. Tornámo-nos todos próximos, tendo essa proximidade sido fomentada pelo formador, trocando os elementos dos grupos, criando atividades interativas entre pessoas de diferentes países. Gostei do Alex e da sua simpatia. Quero agradecer-lhe todo o apoio e atenção. Parabéns pelo seu profissionalismo.

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Attended 22.04.2018 - 26.04.2018

I consider the learning acquired in this course very relevant and essential. The course training is coherent of superior quality, essential for a teaching career for the conveyment of practical knowledge capability of developing and fostering cooperative learning in a simplified way in my students. Both the methods and tools are very useful in school, fostering communication, developing as diverse learning in a practical and cooperative way. The clarity and expository quality of the speaker facilitated the use of working tools and knowledge tools. Regarding the organization - time and space - I consider them very active and well thought out. It enabled us on the one hand to acquire a new and professional knowledge, and on the other hand, contact with a new language and culture. When I participated in this course, the fact that I did not master the language, frightened me, however, I was able to understand the Speaker and realized that it is not so difficult to communicate with the Speaker or colleagues from another country who dominate other languages. The availability and communicative distinctness of the Speaker greatly facilitated all interaction. The effectiveness and contribution of the interaction, cooperation and teamwork as well as shared learning. Everything went very well, so I cannot think of suggestions to improve what is good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Considero muito relevantes e fundamentais todas as aprendizagens adquiridas neste curso. É uma formação coerente de qualidade superior, essencial à carreira docente pois transmite conhecimentos práticos capazes de desenvolver e fomentar aprendizagens cooperativas de forma simplificada nos meus alunos. Quer os métodos quer as ferramentas apresentadas são de grande utilidade na escola, fomentando a comunicação, desenvolvendo as aprendizagens diversificadas de forma prática e cooperativa. A clareza e a qualidade expositiva do orador foi facilitadora de um melhor contacto e aquisição de conhecimento de trabalho com recurso a estes métodos e ferramentas. Quanto à organização – horário e espaços – considero-os muito adequados e bem pensados. Permitiu-nos por um lado a aquisição de novos Saberes Académicos e profissionais por outro o contacto com uma nova língua e cultura. O facto de não dominar a totalidade da língua inglesa assustou-me aquando da inscrição neste curso, no entanto, facilmente consegui perceber toda a explicação do formador e percebi que não é assim tão difícil comunicar quer com o formador quer com os colegas dos outros países que dominam outras línguas. A disponibilidade e singularidade comunicativa do formador facilitou muito toda a interação. A sua eficiência e eficácia tornou possível toda a interação, cooperação e trabalho de equipa bem como as aprendizagens partilhadas. Tudo correu muito bem, pelo que não posso dar sugestões para melhorar o que é bom.

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